Playeressence - Project X Zone Review: A Crossover like no Other

NGX159 from the Playeressence community reviews Project X Zone for the 3DS. Is this one of the best 3DS games, or are there better options on the 3DS?

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3-4-51969d ago

9/10 my ass. No I didn't play it but I've watched many gameplay videos and there just doesn't seem to be enough going on mentally for anyone to justify a 9/10 rating.

You basically just wait for an animation to end and press the "correct play button" to start the new animation.

It's interactive cartoon watching basically. Nothing wrong with that.....but that doesn't = a game.

Obviously I haven't played the full game so my opinion probably won't matter to most of you, but I was going to buy this game...looking for any excuse really, but I kept finding reasons not to buy this game.

* All they literally had to do was make this a copy off of FE, FFtactics or anything even remotely close and it would have been amazing.

Or they could have made each fight, like an actual 2D fighter game.

I would have been cool with that too, but all we are doing is linking animated almost cutscenes.

You basically play director.

BullyMangler1969d ago

he gave it a 9 out of 10 . . is way off from a 10 . like 9.1 9.3 etc

Theyellowflash301967d ago

Well watching and playing are two different things. Maybe you should try playing the game first before you pop off.

Venox20081969d ago

good, i m gonna get it one day, i liked demo