UEFA Euro 2008: How good are the player likenesses?

We find ourselves posing the same question we ask with every new FIFA and PES - how accurately have they recreated the faces of football's biggest names? Take a look at these side-by-side comparisons and decide for yourself.

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masterg3677d ago

Damn the demo is awful.

Some times it changes screen and the players disappear for a split second. Haven't seen anything like it.

Thanks again EA for milking peoples love of soccer.

Harry1903677d ago

sure the demo is so awful?
or do you simply not like the series?

Sheddi3677d ago

Actually I enjoyed the demo

masterg3676d ago

I'm sure I don't like the demo.

Nothing new in the last 5 years in the series.
Graphics and frame rate was awful, and with the latest added playing going on screen a split second after the background is added is absolutely awful.

Love soccer, but the general improvement in soccer games in the last years have been close to nothing at all.

Palodios3677d ago

Or do those look absolutely nothing like them? Maybe next time they should use a picture when creating player models, rather than doing it from memory?

Milky3677d ago

the skin tone is completely wrong on all of them apart from the last one where the footballer looks extremely ill.

Iamback3677d ago

All players in PRO EVO look ugly, dont know the reason

Extra Guy3676d ago

why were the pictures so pixelated?

nbsmatambo3676d ago

Perhaps Ea sucks at modeling, they should take lessons from GT5p

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