Justin Bieber Starring As Nathan Drake Is Cause For The Last Of Us Apocalypse

Don’t jump to conclusions. A Reddit user recently posted an image of an old newspaper found in The Last of Us. Naturally, there are the usual disasters: a shortage of clean water, a highway remaining to be built – but the key one lies at the top of the page.

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ZBlacktt1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

That was taken care of.

SkidMudFlap1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

He is a bad actor. I mean look at him, flinching is way to much no 9mm handgun is that powerful.

ZBlacktt1876d ago

Maybe because he only weight 90lbs, lol.

sephiroth4201876d ago

lmao that picture is perfect!

kaozgamer1876d ago

lmao! anyway are they still planning on making a movie?

user55757081876d ago

naughty dog trolled us hard

toxic-inferno1876d ago

Not sure this is supposed to be for a movie. The image talks about "Uncharted 13"

stage881876d ago

It's a reference to a newspaper article in the last of us.

toxic-inferno1876d ago

Yeah, I know. But the site talks about a movie, whereas from the picture, I got that it was talking about a game.

Might be an important point, as if it was for a movie, it might be considered a hint that the movie was still happening.