Rozen Maiden Game Coming To PS3 And Vita This Year

There’s a new Rozen Maiden video game in the works, coinciding with the Rozen Maiden anime set to air next week in Japan. That’s a look at the anime series above. Rozen Maiden for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita is an adventure game with a scenario handled by Elephante. They worked on Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi and Persona 4 Arena.

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xxPillsxx1910d ago

Wow! We just keep hearing new games and new games for Vita everyday! Keep up Vita! You're getting TONS!

TwilightSparkle1910d ago

i wish north america can get games besides indies

sherimae24131910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

is muramasa that came out yesterday is indie too?
how about dragons crown, or toukiden, or atelier meruru
maybe killzone merc and tearaway are indies too!!!

TwilightSparkle1909d ago

what im talking about is all the games they announce for north america is indies and games for japan is aaa titles. im just saying north america not making any big games when they do they're months apart. oh dont reply im not going to read it

N4GCB1910d ago

Vita's not region locked so feel free to import Japanese games.

MWH1910d ago

Rozen Maiden anime intro theme was a favorite of mine.