Gust announces Chronos Materia for PS Vita

Atelier Escha & Logy devleoper Gust is making a new RPG for PS Vita called Chronos Materia, this week’s Dengeki PlayStation reveals.

The game is an RPG depicting the adventure of girls whisked off to a world with no humans or civilization.

It will launch in Japan on September 26 for 6,090 yen. Character design is being handled by Non (not sure who that is).

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sherimae24131998d ago

YAY! a new RPG exclusive for PS VITA ^_^
it made my day

jujubee881998d ago

It kind of came out of nowhere tbh.

TGS seems so far away. :(

sherimae24131998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

well game announcements in japan are always or mostly came out of nowhere.. which will surprise you ^_^

unlike here in the west were most games will be a announce in a convention like e3, gamescom, PAX, CES, GDC

unless they are indies or a localization, which was mostly announced in a normal days

jujubee881998d ago

Hmm. Yeah, you're right. It's also usually something like this where dengeki playstation or famistsu reveals.

It's so traditional over there. We reveal stuff on a big stage full of pomp and circumstance where people eat junk food infront of a monitor/TV. Japan just plomps stuff out in such a casual way in print.

Though, wasn't TGS a big thing for reveals in the past? I'm sure there have been some big reveals made on stage before.

sherimae24131998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

yes there is no doubt that there are game announcements at TGS, for example last year's TGS at VITA,
Toukiden, valhalla knights 3, and SK shinovi versus were all announced for it ^_^

so we can safely say new vita games will also be announced this years TGS, we might see Gravity Rush 2 from SONY and also that Oreshika RPG game which is im really intrigued and also some news about Freedom Wars

and more games from Marvelous,Tecmo,atlus etc..

xxPillsxx1998d ago

I want both Gamescom and TGS for Vita! TGS is pretty far away and I will be busy in school so I want Gamescom more, but both are awesome!

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Hicken1998d ago

C'mon, Gust, give localization rights to ATLUS so I can place this game.

sherimae24131998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

well since this is GUST i can safely say that TECMO KOEI will handle the localization of this game
just like GUST's Atelier totori plus and the upcoming atelier meruru plus in september which Tecmo koei do the localization ^_^

Hicken1998d ago

Whoever does it, I wants it. Maybe I'll have caught up with all my games by then.

... nah, probably not.

Xer0_SiN1998d ago

this is off topic but popped into my mind while reading comments. someone...anyone, be it koei/tecmo, namco/bandai. oldschool working designs, SOMEONE needs to go to sega and republish dragon force. this will be a quick seller, and they wouldnt even need to come out of the pocket too much. it was re-released in japan as part of the sega ages collection. give it a 9.99 price point via psn. itll sell fast.

Booyah1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Ahhh sh*t ! I thought a follow-up of Crono Tri... -.-

wtfbbq81997d ago

Don't get excited until localization announced.

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