Team Siren Disbands: Valuable Lessons Learned

Team Siren, the infamous all-female League of Legends team with aspirations of making it to the top of the professional gaming world, was recently confirmed to have disbanded after having only lived together for less than a month.

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Metamorph931913d ago

Drama is what most likely went wrong. Probably fought over some guy or something, and they all got angry at each other.

Arai1913d ago

Damn title, for a second I thought it was the team that made the Siren games since they are usually referred to as "Team Siren" by fans.

Panaru1912d ago

Yeah, my heart stopped for a bit. Then I realized it was actually about something I don't care about.

Inception1912d ago

Lol, me too. I just "WTF sony?! you disbanded one of the best team you ever had!". But it turns out another team Siren :P

Btw, the official name for Keichiro Toyama team is Project Siren. But yeah, a lot of fans called them Team Siren.

ksilver1912d ago

Sorry! Didn't mean to scare anyone. I guess that's what the logo pic is for...