Banned: State of Decay refused classification in Australia

Open world zombie game State of Decay has become the second game this week to be refused classification and banned from sale in Australia.

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iMaim1607d ago

God damn it Australia.

Tyrus_911607d ago

Our Classification Board has outdone themselves.

ICC_061607d ago

No dildo bats or real drugs allowed in this country.

3-4-51607d ago

I'm pretty sure you guys have real drugs and real dildos in your country though.

No_Limit1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

quick question to my fellow Australian friends. Is it possible that you guys can create a US account and download the game over Live and play it still?

Tyrus_911607d ago

Yep you can. Many of us have done so for years. I did it for The Walking Dead when Telltale Games didn't bother to submit the game for classification here because they wanted to avoid our redundant ACB.

No_Limit1607d ago

Great, glad you guys do have a work around but it is still mess up that Australia impose such stick rules regarding videogames. Since both PS4 and Xbox 1 are offering Day one digital download in concurrent with the retail copies and are both region free, this workaround should be a godsend for you all in Australia, I would guess.

AusRogo1607d ago

For fuck sake! Knew that bullshit R18+ was too good to be true. Come the fuck on Australia! God dammit.

YoungKingDoran1607d ago

I reckon! ... What was the damn point?

AusRogo1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Who wants to bet CoD Ghosts will probably be R18 (not that I *give a shit) Actually swear they're just slapping r18 on MA games.. So frustrated!

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The story is too old to be commented.