The Fungus that Reduced Humanity to The Last of Us

SA - Pop culture is again in the quickly decaying grasp of a shambling horde. For how many times zombies have appeared, they rarely have a real scientific reason to. Sometimes it’s a supernatural cause as in Dawn of the Dead. Other times it’s a generic “zombie virus” as in The Walking Dead (though at least we know how a “walker” bite works). In all the attempts to make the dead live again, science usually takes a back seat to the gore—at least until the latest popular iteration of zombies. The Last of Us—a new videogame touted as a masterpiece—has the most scientific explanation for zombies yet, because it uses zombies that actually exist.

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MrWonderful1995d ago

Very interesting read. Would be crazy to see this actually take on humans this way.

vikingland11995d ago

That tarantula had it bad.