Does The Xbox One-Eighty Change Your Next-Gen Decision?

GR: "Hi Alex! Everyone say hi to Alex. Alex is talking about Xbox One. Yes, that next-generation console with all the confusing policies. So is... like the Xbox One a toaster now or something?"

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ftwrthtx1970d ago

I'll stay with Greatness

pompombrum1970d ago

As excited I am for the ps4 and disappointed in Microsoft's initial vision for the Xbone, the whole "greatness awaits" thing is really REALLY cringe worthy.

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Hicken1970d ago

Not in the slightest.

Well, at first it made me consider an XBOne, though it wouldn't have been until after I got a PS4. But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed likely that MS could just bring back the policies whenever they chose.

That's a worry.

So, I'll keep an open mind, but remain wary.

wiz71911970d ago

I highly doubt they would bring back the policy and get the same public outcry.

Klad1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

i accually thought of this too. get as many Xbox One's into as many homes as possible, then later down the line, (which will give them time to think of a sly clever way to bring these policy's back without the backlash) force an update (which includes there new policy's) on every owner that wants to connect there XBox One to the internet & play games!

This Day One mandatary update, is to delete features & these policy's, am i right? if so, then i think they could definately bring these policy's back at any time!

denawayne1970d ago

No, I was getting One anyways

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Wedge191970d ago

My question to you is: were you more excited for their old policies or their current ones? I know someone getting a One and he is actually disappointed by the change.

Jdoki1970d ago

Nope, I'll continue with a wait and see policy. The 360 didn't have many games I was interested in playing so I'll see how the XBO works ourt. I don't care (much) about DRM or Kinect 2. What I want is quality games.

E3 was a good start - but I need to see lots of exclusives in year 3, 4, 5+ not just year 1 and 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.