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Machinima: "Playing for Deadpool’s banter is a good enough reason to give Deadpool (the game) a shot."

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hulk_bash19871996d ago

As a Deadpool fan I'm loving the game. It does have it's shortcomings, especially in terms of combat mechanics, but it's still fun to play thorough. Hopefully it does well enough to get a sequel and High Moon can work on some of the game's problems.

creatchee1996d ago

It is an absolute love letter to Deadpool fans and comics fans in general. This wasn't made for gamers - it was made for fans, and I applaud that. I am having so much fun.

CrossingEden1996d ago

yes, it was made for fans, meaning that they knew they can half ass the gameplay and fans would defend it to death until their rose tinted glasses wore off, guarantee no one who bought this game today will be playing it even two weeks after they complete the very short story mode

hulk_bash19871996d ago

If you aren't planning on buying the game then by all means that's your choice. But I am not regretting my purchase at all. And will in fact be playing this game multiple times in the near future, especially when I need a good laugh.