Contenders For Game Of The Year …So Far

The Tyuno Project: "2013 is going by very fast, we are at the half point of the year. So I figure that with all the great games already out in stores, I’ll list some games that I think are great candidates for Game Of The Year 2013. "

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CaulkSlap1667d ago

This is going to be a really good year in gaming overall. The Last of Us is definitely the winner so far imo. Bioshock Infinite was great but just fell short of greatness in too many areas.

Y_51501667d ago

I'm not a big fan of FPS but I will get Bioshock Infinite for the story! I played the 60 minute trial and the only bad thing was the gameplay, just didn't enjoy it that's all.

seepamann1667d ago

In my opinion Bioshock Infinite & The Last Of Us Yet

NukaCola1667d ago

So far these three have been my top winners.

The Last of Us
Bioshock Infinite
Ni No Kuni

Ezz20131667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

i think it will come down to

what an awesome year
TLOU will always be my #1 though
best game i have played this gen and i'm sure GTAV will be great too

Walker1667d ago

The Last of Us will be G.O.T.Y

Mark my words

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The story is too old to be commented.