The problem with the gaming industry is that developers make too much

Many game publishers and developers say that the cost of making a game is rising and that cost then gets passed onto gamers in the form of DLC that could have been on the disc, online passes, and even attempts to destroy the used game market. People like Cliffy B say used games are bad for the industry but when developers are driving $70,000 sports cars, what is the the REAL problem here?

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Loki861996d ago

"The problem with gaming is that PUBLISHERS make too much"


azazel6651996d ago

Well the guy driving that $70k sports car is a developer.

a_bro1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

It's not that they make too much, it's when they buy for too much, raise expectation levels, and when the dissapointment comes in, they blame the gamers.

Look at EA for instance, they get huge by buying devs such as bioware and pandemic, look what happened after... Although bioware survived, and still lives, pandemic is dea in the water, and they blame gamers for buying used games or piracy, when the fact of the matter is they bought a company for a large amount of money without realizing how much quality these games have..

SQUARE ENIX is another example with the tomb raider franchise. It's ridiculous to hear that a game isn't profitable because it didn't reach sales expectations in time....

SSJBen1995d ago

"Why are developers making so much money? Their job isn't life threatening like a police officer's is and it's not important to the future of the nation like a teacher's job is."


By that right, toilet cleaners should earn more because smelling and touching urine/feces everyday is as life threathening as a police officer's job.

azazel6651995d ago

I am curious if you have any supporting facts to back up that statement or if you are just making it on an emotional whim? I have never heard any reports of a toilet cleaner dying due to job hazards. Police officers do all the time, though.