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State Of The Game: AMD And NVIDIA Talk 4K Gaming And Why The PS4 And Xbox One Are A Downgrade

Forbes writes:

While the Xbox One and PS4 took a lion’s share of the limelight at E3, there was more to the event than the console launches and their Day One games lineups. While catching up with NVIDIA about SHIELD at E3 I also heard about some of their plans for PC gaming. Arch-rivals AMD also have plenty to say on that subject, and an AMD spokesperson took a few moments to fill me in on their perspective too. (AMD, NVIDIA, PC, PS4, Tech, Xbox One)

iGAM3R-VIII  +   830d ago
Nvidia.....you just keep coming for more......

I understand they missed out on a great next-gen opportunity and may of been able to get rid of their competitors if they had taken it but they all wanted money.Then they hack at MS, Sony and Nvidia and keep talking ish

Nvidia really need to stop this because IMO, the X1 and PS4 isn't a downgrade, infact it is an upgrade Nvidia but your SHEILD is a current gen or downdgrade thing.

Nvidia, you missed out on a million dollar buisness and you can't keep hacking at these companies, YOU were the one who made the bad choice, not THEM
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ChickeyCantor  +   830d ago
" infact it is an upgrade Nvidia but your SHEILD is a current gen or downdgrade thing. "

It's a handheld...Why are you even comparing it to 2 BIGGER systems that need far more cooling support?

I'm pretty sure both Nvidia and AMD are working on next gen graphics cards which exceed the capabilities that of the xbox one and PS4.

The Nvidia spokesman is not even taking a jab at AMD. He is stating the obvious. Consoles are bump in performance. Meanwhile both companies continue developing new and better models which will always outperform the specs in a console.

On the bright side of things, consoles have one specification. Developers can optimize their code far more efficiently.
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Justinakach0ppa  +   829d ago
"I'm pretty sure both Nvidia and AMD are working on next gen graphics cards which exceed the capabilities that of the xbox one and PS4."

Most of the high end cards on pc from both companies already do that by a significant margin.
Mr Tretton  +   829d ago
"I'm pretty sure both Nvidia and AMD are working on next gen graphics cards which exceed the capabilities that of the xbox one and PS4."

lol, they've already existed for a few years. The consoles are not bleeding edge.
ChickeyCantor  +   829d ago
@justin &Tretton,

Of course! I was just pointing out the obvious. If the cards already outperform those graphics cards, then imagine the performance by new models.
The_Con-Sept  +   829d ago
From me to Nvidia:
Too bad so sad. I'll be enjoying my PS4 while ATI enjoys rolling around in my money.
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aquamala  +   830d ago
did you not read the article? the spokesperson for AMD/Nvidia said the same things

"You can do 4K gaming right now with the games that are out there now. So on the PC continues to lead and really define the leading edge of gaming. "

"With this next generation, at least what’s been released so far in terms of specs, it doesn’t look like they’re going to close the gap with PC this time.”AMD concurs. AMD’s spokesperson told me: “A lot more people have been taking a look at the PC and saying ‘Oh wait, I can get better graphics over here. "
keabrown79  +   829d ago
and you can also pay 3 times the price.
Kurylo3d  +   829d ago

You say that, but have u actualyl checked. I can build a better computer then ps4 right now for about $600. In fact newegg.com if you dont beleive me. See i back up my statements with facts. Not fanboy wishful thinking.

And obviously like the amd guy said himself... u can do a lot more with a computer other then gaming as well. Little more bang for your buck.
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grimmweisse  +   829d ago

Regardless of it being $600, it's still more expensive. Console gaming is cost effective gaming, period. PCs will always have the edge because its upgradable.

Although $600 for a gaming PC is not too bad, but try running Metro Last light on max settings on a $600 PC, it can't be done. There are pros and cons to both sides.
Rubberlegs  +   829d ago
While you will pay more for a good PC build ($600 is very midrange), you end saving so much more in cost of games in the long if you go digital. You can get new released games for just about half the price and the price of them come down even faster compared console versions.
You don't have to worry about backwards compatible issues either no matter what hardware changes you do to your system.
GamePeace  +   829d ago
I don't need a PC and 4k for my Ps4 exclusives like The Last Guardian, The Order, new God of War, probably many other games of Japan Studios and so on...
segamon  +   829d ago
"PC mustard race, consoles can't ketchup" nice one.
Kleptic  +   829d ago

interesting...as i just finished building a pc, all parts from newegg, literally yesterday afternoon...finished price was just over $900 including a $120 IPS 24" monitor, windows 8, and a new wireless keyboard...I used a Fractal case i already had too by the way...the only truly performance oriented part that price range got me, was a 120gb samsung 840 SSD...

so for arguments sake, say you already have a monitor, peripherals, etc...I still went way over $600, and ended up well short of the new consoles... it'll play some games, but no 'next gen' stuff at 1080p...this setup would limp BF3 along at 30fps on high settings @ sub full HD, not something generally acceptable...

$600 will not get the power supply, the apu, or especially...the dedicated card you'd need to exceed the PS4 or even xbox one...let alone the upgrades to cooling required to go with it...I do have 16gb of 2133mhz ram, which helps tremendously with the Radeon HD equipped richland apu (over 1600mhz i mean)...but richland or ivy bridge, without a dedicated card, aren't close to the apu of the new consoles...these graphics solutions won't even max out games from 2011...

so just saying...I definitely could build a pc right now that would toast the new consoles, at least in most aspects...but you sure as shat can not do it for the phantom '$600' the 'go build your own pc' crowd loves to throw around...you're easily looking at $1000+ to match them right now, and you still won't have the same memory bandwidth of the ps4...
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meetajhu  +   829d ago
Consoles go true 1080p and PC's go 4k. Nvidia is always right
3-4-5  +   829d ago
For 70% of games....Having a controller is an upgrade.

Mouse & Keyboard is great for games like Age of Empires, Total War, Sims, C&C, Starcraft, any FPS game and most strategy games, flying games.

But there are so many games that just wouldn't be fun with mouse and keyboard.

Graphics aren't everything.

I just had a new PC built and love it. Can't wait for Total War: Rome 2, but I still could never play half the games on my 3DS or PSP or Xbox 360 on my PC....it just wouldn't work out.

Differences are good. Gaming on my 3DS is different than console and PC...It's also different than PSP, another handheld.

PSP is different than PC and xbox360 and so on...

I love all their differences.

I don't want one device to play them all. That would be dumb generic and boring.
sorane  +   829d ago
I have 4x wireless 360 pads on my pc that take ZERO setup. In fact PC has more controller options than any system.....
Krew_92  +   829d ago
You get used to it after a while. I've played Grand Theft Auto IV with mouse and keyboard, and I did well enough.

I know some games would handle like trash with mouse and keyboard, such as driving games where pressure sensitive triggers are almost a must.

I just hook up my PlayStation 3 controller though (with no extra charges i.e buying dongles and such), it's really that simple.
starchild  +   829d ago
Speak for yourself. I would love for one device to play all of my games. The only reason I buy consoles is to play the exclusives.

Of course I would rather play those games on my PC with better graphics and better framerates...and more importantly, in the same place as all my other games.

Imagine if we had to buy 8 different dvd and blu-ray players just to watch all of our favorite movies? It would suck. Yet that is exactly what we have to put up with in gaming. And you cheer it? Sad.

I cheer the amazing variety in games that we get these days, but I don't cheer the fragmented market we have to deal with.
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gapecanpie  +   829d ago
In a way they are right tho the ps3 and xbone do have a crappy low end gpu.

**Edit** PC gaming in the long run is way more cost efficient. The games on pc are 30% cheaper and you don't have to pay to play online like you have to do with the ps4 and xbone. I might still get a ps4 but I know most of my gaming will be done on my gaming pc im going to build, I cant wait!!!
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webeblazing  +   829d ago
actually both amd and nvidia was downplaying consoles in this article
yeahokchief  +   829d ago
@tretton novelty account

i dont want bleeding edge. $400 sounds good to me.

if i wanted bleeding edge then i'd get a pc. and the only reason i'd want bleeding edge would be for a game that required it of which there currently are none.
CaulkSlap  +   830d ago
4k gaming... Yeah that is further off from mainstream than 1080p was when PS3/360 launched. Gonna be a few years until prices will be reasonable. It would be nuts to try and make console games supporting that resolution right now. 1080p with good AA and refined post processing effects is a fine place to be for the next 5 years or so.

Yeah we all know PC hardware is already ahead and will only get better. But my GPUs each cost as much as a PS4. Let alone the rest of the system. PS4 (and to a lesser extent XB1) give a damned good value to power on hardware. I'm mostly just glad new consoles will step up the baseline for developers so they'll move past designing around PS3/360's limitations.
wishingW3L  +   830d ago
4k monitors are expensive as hell and the specs required for it are quite high too.
hellvaguy  +   829d ago
2500x1400 resolution is semi-affordable on a pc and an upgrade from 1080p.
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Muerte2494  +   829d ago
that's not 4k. IT's actually more like 2k. PC hardware sales have been in the tank for quite some time. So all of this is kinda irrelevant. But not too long after ps3 and Xbox360 launched, true 1080p gaming was available on PC.
Nocando  +   829d ago
Yet they always come up with these low prices to build it. I shopped online at new egg and built a core i7 with 16 gig of ram, a one tb hd, one hd 7850 card, and a 24 inch monitor. $1300.00, and Dark Souls runs pretty crappy in 1080p. Been at this for awhile, so don't try feeding me this 600 dollar rig that plays it all crap.
Kleptic  +   829d ago

i just built a pc over the weekend too, all from parts sourced from new egg...for whatever reason, pc elitists throw around $600 like you get this end all be all of pc gaming with it...not even close...

I paid over $900, but didn't reuse anything but a simple 3 fan empty case i already had from work (which is only $40, so didn't save a ton anyway)...

with a Asus A85M-Pro MB, AMD richland apu, 16gb 2133 GDDR3, 120gb SSD, 1TB 7200rpm HDD, BD/DVD reader/writer (only $50) 450w PS, no additional fans other than the one preinstalled in the case, Asus 24" IPS monitor, and some random logi keyboard peripherals and stuff...

just under $1k before shipping...NO dedicated gfx card yet...and all of this, other than the SSD, is very budget minded stuff...on nearly every part i chose, there wasn't anything significantly cheaper..and if it was, it was completely obsolete...

so corrections need to be laced through this website...$600 will get you a PC...NOT a pc that can play video games...$1000 and you're starting to get somewhere, but you'll still need several hundred more before you're close to new consoles...and again, this is all 'building it yourself'...home pc builders will save hundreds on stupid crap that gets marked up by sites like Dell, etc...like blu ray players/burners, usb 3.0, total memory...things like that...but as soon as you start looking into hardware for playing video games, its just dollar signs left and right... no matter who the hell is building it...
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hellvaguy  +   829d ago
Why are u guys factoring in the monitor price into pc builds? Does that mean I should factor in a 55" led tv to my console price?
Kleptic  +   829d ago
^no one is including the cost of a monitor...the point was that just in internal pc hardware...you're way over $600 BEFORE you even have a screen to display it...

you CAN NOT get a mb, cpu/gpu, memory, drives, ps, etc...all new...for anywhere near the cost of a next gen console...in the case of the ps4; you'll quickly be doubling that cost...and still won't have a decent case, decent monitor...facking windows...etc...that is all we were getting at...pc fanatics post this $600 number everywhere...yeah, that'll play half life 2 just fine...thats about it...
webeblazing  +   829d ago
you say its not cheap and paid for a i7 and 16 gig ram(16 GIG RAM) and monitor you and use any lcd tv. i never played dark souls on pc but my pc is less powerful than yours under 500 maybe even 400 and i can run mostly all of games on the highest settings (except some dx11 settings not at 1080) at 1080p im not getting 60fps the games that i have to play with setting til its to my liking is the usual power house games metro bf3 witcher2 etc
aquamala  +   830d ago
Seiki announced a 39 inch 4k tv for $700 and 50inch for $1080

CaulkSlap  +   830d ago
Ah okay never mind that happened quickly. Still a couple years off for mainstream sales and native 4k content though. I was thinking more 30" 4k monitors for PC gaming that would actually use the resolution. Those are still in the $5,000 range.
shivvy24  +   829d ago
cheaper tv always have a shit quality , i bought a 40" in au (medion brand) for $250 and the quality is shit compared to my 50" Bravia for $1000 ! for a good 4K tv its gonna cost alot
kneon  +   829d ago
Those 4k monitors are really expensive because they are not meant for the average user. They are used in things like medical imaging, photo studios etc. where quality is critical.

A 55" 4k tv can be had for about $5000 now and will likely be half that by the end of 2014.
Muerte2494  +   829d ago
lol you need at least a 60inch TV to see a noticeable difference compared to 1080p. Nice try though.
Pandamobile  +   829d ago
@Muerte You're talking out of your ass. Resolution makes a much bigger difference on smaller screens that are used from closer range.
solidt12  +   829d ago
Yeah I agree 4k Gaming is not that common But Everybody That I know does game higher than 1080p. I am gaming at just 1200p for now but most guys at my job just bought 2560x1440 Monitors since the Prices have come down. That's considered Quad HD.
ainsleyharriott  +   829d ago

you mean DDR3 right?
Qrphe  +   830d ago
We probably wouldn't see 4k gaming until the 10th gen, 3k-equivalent would be the next logical step after 1080p.
shivvy24  +   829d ago
yea , right now Killzone SF was running 1080P at 30FPS, we still havent reached the 60FPS 1080P ! Wait , we have reached it but graphic whore games like killzone cant do that ! well the engines can be improved but its gonna be 1080P 60FPS this gen ! next gen i reckon its gonna be 2k
GamePeace  +   829d ago
Killzone Shadow Fall looked better than Crysis and Skyrim on 4k.
solidt12  +   829d ago
Killzone SF was running at 30fps at the PS4 conference in Feb. At E3 it was running at 60fps. They Upgraded the game to 60fps.


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Yardie  +   829d ago

"This of course doesn't mean that the actual final game will run at 60 fps!"

At E3 Guerilla stated that Shadow Fall will be running at 30fps they said it was a trade off for Graphical fidelity
solidt12  +   829d ago
By the time the next consoles come out 4k will be very comman so it will support 4k gaming. You can get a 55 inch 4k Sony TV right now for under $5,000 now. Next year we will see 4k TV's for under $2,000. The next generation of graphics cards will be out next year also that will have no problem doing 4k gaming on a single card so in 5 years GPU's that run great at 4k will be a mid grade gpu. That is what we will see in the PS5? and Xbox?.
CaulkSlap  +   829d ago
That's a completely illogical step. The main reason for going to 4k is that it is 3840x2160. Exactly twice the width and height, and 4 times the pixels. That makes scaling 1080p content so much easier. By the time the consoles after PS4/XB1 come out 4k will be the standard and graphics cards easily capable of rendering at that resolution.
ZBlacktt  +   830d ago
The PS4 is only $399....
shivvy24  +   829d ago
exactly , try building a gaming pc with $399 and have better specs than PS4 ! u cant !
solidt12  +   829d ago
Agreed You can't beat the value. Plus all the great exclusives, and that sexy new Dual Shock 4 controller.
hellvaguy  +   829d ago
$399 6 months from now when ps4 releases, could easily build a faster pc if u shop around and assemble it youself.
jimmywolf  +   829d ago
@hellvaguy an yes 2 years from now on blackfriday you be able build a pc for $400 that 5 times more powerful then ps4...

brag all you want i have a pc i enjoy but still want/getting a ps4 an i will praise/enjoy it just like i do the ps3
kneon  +   829d ago
A $400 pc is going to be pretty crappy even in 6 months. By the time you've got a decent case, power supply, cpu and case fans, mouse and keyboard you will already have spent over $200. That leaves $200 for a motherboard, cpu, memory, hard drive, graphics card and all the other little bits and pieces that are needed. And then you need an os.
NatureOfLogic  +   829d ago
@ hellvaguy, Ok, now I have wonder about the average IQ of my fellow PC gamers, because people are actually agreeing with your lie. You will not be able to build a PC from scratch to match PS4 specs in 6 months for $399, no matter where you shop or how you assemble. OK, lets say you did find a way to make a rig equivalent or slightly better to PS4 specs. Do you believe you would get better or equivalent performance from that PC?
Yardie  +   829d ago
Im assuming none of you have PCs/Macs, and use your console for everything... To have a similar experience to having a gaming PC you would have to have both a PS4/X1 AND a fast computer.

So that kind of price comparison between consoles and Gaming PCs doesn't really make that much sense if you ignore everything else PCs have to offer.

* That being said, a good graphics card can cost as much as a console, so you could have a non gaming yet fast PC + PS4 for the same price as a Gaming pc

............holy crap i'm rambling. Sleep deprivation, sorry guys
ZBlacktt  +   829d ago
See how sad this site is? People disagree with a FACT. You post a simple FACT and losers just click disagree. They need to do away with that set up.

and people talking about building a PC for $399. Please.... do you think everyone is dumb. We are posting on PC's and might know alittle something about those as well.
Koyes  +   829d ago
£349 means I am a happy gamer :D got mine pre-ordered, just need to decide what game(s) I want to buy at launch
sorane  +   829d ago
$399 for a nice black paperweight. Throw in extra controllers, games, online fees and it's way more than I ever spend on PC.....It's like sony and ms are making these machines for the math illiterate....
ZBlacktt  +   829d ago
Look at your post. Yeah, you're a real bright one. Another Troll on the site, awesome. Like who here can't built a PC as well? Yep, not hard at all. But, it's not even close at all to $399. Move along...move along. But then again, PC gaming is dead and that's why you are here.
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sorane  +   829d ago
I'd respond zblack, but in all honesty I have no idea what you just said. Console seems a perfect fit for you.....
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Belking  +   829d ago
You here that fanboys. Xbox-one and PS4 are a downgrade. Neither is as powerful as some of you guys think. I luagh at all of you who think just because the ps4 has GDDR5 that makes it some sort of powerhouse. It doesn't. My PC GPU alone cost more than PS4 and xbox-one together.The consoles are a significant upgrade from last gen but they have nothing on what can be done on a good gaming PC.
grassyknoll  +   829d ago
No one cares.
Kurylo3d  +   829d ago
yea for real. Im a pc gamer and even I think you sound like a moron Belking.
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MoonWheel  +   829d ago
And what exactly has pc done to actually improve and innovate on gaming. Where is this absolutely out of this world experience I always hear. Is better gtaphics really all that makes pc gaming better because if it is then I would rather find a better way to spend my money.
Belking  +   829d ago
"Is better gtaphics really all that makes pc gaming better because if it is then I would rather find a better way to spend my money."

Fine, but remember that statement the next time fanboys argue that ps4 is more powerful and will have the more impressive graphics.
Yardie  +   829d ago
Both sides will use graphics as the main argument as it's for the most part objective, whereas Gampelay for the most part is subjective.
hellvaguy  +   829d ago

I agree with u but, x86 consoles means everyone wins with improved games.
GABRIEL1030  +   829d ago
LMAO for sure your PC has a CPU/GPU integrated.
GamePeace  +   829d ago
Games like God of War 3, The Last of Us and other exclusives played and looked better than all PC's games and multiplats this gen.
That's the reason why I pre-ordered a Ps4.
Wait for The Last Guardian, The Order, many RPG's of Japan Studios and probably new God of War games and so on... I don't even see your PC, when These games will be released exclusively on Ps4.
iamgoatman  +   829d ago
"Games like God of War 3, The Last of Us and other exclusives played and looked better than all PC's games and multiplats this gen."

Ha! Not even close! Especially considering Killzone Shadowfall, a next gen title doesn't look as good as Crysis 3, so I've no idea how you came to that conclusion.
starchild  +   829d ago
Delusional. Those games looked good, but they are in no way equivalent to high end PC games like Crysis 3, Battlefield 3 or The Witcher 2.

Even multiplats like Tomb Raider and Far Cry 3 look better than any console exclusive.

Im getting a PS4 for great exclusives too, but don't let that make you distort things in your mind.
NarooN  +   829d ago
>compares static console to ever-changing PC
>thinks he's making a revolutionary point

Stay classy, nervous insecure PC elitists.
Koyes  +   829d ago
What games are going to utilise said hardware?
infamous-butcher  +   829d ago
Battlefield 4 by the looks of it, and on PC we have something called eyefinity and nvidia surround. up to 6 screens at 2560x1600 That requires A LOT of gpu power, and A lot of vram.
starchild  +   829d ago
Oculus Rift is probably the most significant thing coming for PC.

Consoles simply don't have the power to output next gen visuals at 60fps and in stereo 3d, which is the standard that VR needs.
DarkHeroZX  +   828d ago
" My PC GPU alone cost more than PS4 and xbox-one together."

Yeah that is exactly the point.Your GPU sounds awesome but if it has to be that expensive just to get the absolute advantage over PS4/X1 then why would console gamers even was it their time? I just want to play games. As long as the game looks and plays good then why would I need to spend so much initially to enjoy the games? And the vast majority of my friends are going to be either on the X1 or PS4. No one is denying the power of the PC but come on bragging about how expensive your GPU is isn't going to make console fans look at the possibilities of the PC. All your doing is making them more spiteful.
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neogeo  +   829d ago
I want 4k on a 10inch screen so I can use a microscope to see the difference. Joke.
Martywren  +   829d ago
Lol consoles are a downgrade.
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GABRIEL1030  +   829d ago
4K [3840x2160 resolution] display = 7.000 USD !

A few people can afford to play with a 4K TV.
Starbucks_Fan  +   829d ago
Saryk  +   829d ago
The price is that today. How long will these consoles be around and the price drop of the TV?
I bet these TVs are the price of my 56 inch in a couple of years!
MasterCornholio  +   829d ago
I just saw a 4k set yesterday for the very first time. The display is incredible but the price was way to expensive seriously it was 70000€ just for the set.

Motorola RAZR i
NatureOfLogic  +   829d ago
I can't play games like TLOU/Uncharted on my pc rig, so how exactly is consoles a downgrade. If anything, it's better value for better experience. I love my gaming pc, but without my console, I would've missed out on some great games. If you only game on pc, you're missing the whole gaming experience. Paying a premium price to miss out on some great games. Gaming PCs are nothing more than overpriced consoles. You pay anywhere from $300-$1000 more just to have a little edge technically and graphically.
Mr Tretton  +   829d ago
Actually PCs aren't overpriced consoles...they're PCs. They do everything. I have a good, updated PC but I wouldn't even call it a 'gaming PC', because it's the least of what I do on it. It just so happens that I can run most games in the industry in greater quality along with everything else you can do on PC. Then there's mods, custom configs, emulators, etc.

Calling a PC an expensive console is nonsense, you should be ashamed. If someone said here you can have a PS3 with Uncharted (which I'm a fan of), or a PC, I'm choosing the PC like a smart person.
webeblazing  +   829d ago
i luv console as much as the next person but yall have to see the repeat of the beginning of last gen. one most pc gamers even the ones that argue even give props to the games on consoles not the same fo console gamers. next console gamers tout more about gfx than anyone they do have a reason why would you b paying for these new consoles if not they could of stayed with the current systems, but the problem comes in when the pc gamers join the convo then their point dont count. bias? i say yes

than you say pay premium and overpriced consoles when yall pay for every little feature that is usually free.

And arent you paying $400-$500 to have a little edge technically and graphically

^^^^^^^^ This Is The Point PC gamers are saying nicely but its the internet so deny deny deny
the worst  +   829d ago
AT the end of the day PC exclusives are trash compare to consoles exclusives. sh!t is still sh!t no matter how much better it looks
wannabe gamer  +   829d ago
yea ur right crap s crap, thats why when you look at a game on console vs PC all you see is crap in comparison. Id rather play a non exclusive at much higher quality on PC than play a exclusive on console thats smeared and blured with jaggies all over the place
webeblazing  +   829d ago
and why are people happy when pc exclusives are coming to console didnt i see everybody going crazy when the got xcom for free on ps+ why are yall excited for the witcher 3, planetside, dayz, blacklight etc. you do know these use to be pc exclusives and pc still have a ton of exclusive. every gamer are always happy to get more games but yall forget most of the multiplat games yall luv wuz once pc exclusive
wannabe gamer  +   825d ago
*cough* GTA, battlefield born on PC *cough*
cunnilumpkin  +   829d ago
4k is of no concern to me

what concerns me is anti aliasing, framerate, draw distance, v-sync, high resolution textures, soft shadows, tessellation

all of which the pc will do FAR better than ps4 and xbox one will ever hope to achieve

in all ps4 and xbox one actual gameplay I have seen jaggies and low resolution textures, its still a huge jump up from ps3/360 but not anywhere near how far ahead pc is

yes there are some fake cgi trailers that look better like deep down and dark sorcerer, both of which aren't even games and were 100% fake, those are the only two things I have seen that even look next gen and they are completely fake
Mr Tretton  +   829d ago
Higher resolutions removes the need for AA, which in the future will free up resources. AA has always been a resource hog.
Pandamobile  +   829d ago
There will still be the need for AA. That doesn't disappear with more pixels (but it certainly helps).
Salooh  +   829d ago
Yes , pc is more powerful then consoles but don't underestimate ps4 games. There are masterpieces in ps3 that pc haven't achieved . Look at the last of us , uncharted , MGS4 ..etc They made better games then the demos they showed in ps3 reveal. Those are not fake . There is already an article or rumor that says naughty dog is making a million polygon characters game .

If you bring a pc with ps3 specs you won't be able to run cod4 on it. That tells you that 8GB of ram in console is better then 8GB of ram in pc. Console power is more then you think .
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kingduqc  +   829d ago
People keep bashing Nvidia cause they think they are mad about the consoles deal. Might be true but what they are saying this time is true. Last gen was on par with a high end pc for about a year, next gen is mid range at best (because sony didn't want high price console+ losing money on each consoles) So yeah... It's true that on pc you can do 4k and play at playable settings on dual gpu setup with close to max settings. Kinda scary to think we'll be stuck for the next years with those week consoles
wannabe gamer  +   829d ago
people need to realize nVidia doesnt just do stuff for gaming. they have their products in cars and tons of devices. hell the super computer in oakridge is built using 18,000 Nvidia GPUs THEY DONT NEED TO BE IN THE CONSOLE MARKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#14 (Edited 829d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Bobbie001  +   829d ago
Console market is good for making developers produce killer titles. New consoles get announced and together with that a shitload of game titles. PC gamers should aknowledge this you know. You might be able to easily construct a pc that has more juice than the new gen of consoles. But in the end, the service a console delivers in combination with high quality games which are made specifically for that piece of hardware for such a price makes it a HELL of a lot more attractive for a lot of people compared to PC gaming
KingKevo  +   829d ago
And NVIDIA keeps hating... it's really getting ridiculous. I think that NVIDIA is just envious. Think about that one...
ala_767  +   829d ago
Why Nvidia isnt admitting that NVIDIA SHIELD is a downgrade... srsly, Sony and MS didnt gave a crap to them this gen and now they are insulting them....

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