The Last of Us vs. The Walking Dead: The Comparison We Had To Make

Kotaku: "There are no shortage of zombie games out there—but outstanding ones have come out in the last year. At first glance, aside from the zombies, these games might seem like they don't have much in common. The Walking Dead is an adventure game about moral choices. The Last of Us is a cinematic survival horror game. Apples to oranges, right?

Not exactly. Comparing the two reveals some huge differences, sure, but also some illuminates some fascinating things about the games and storytelling in general.

Might as well shoot this in the head while we're here, no? Let's dig in."

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Prcko1938d ago

Watch Out on Spoilers guys and girls

HammadTheBeast1937d ago

Both are fantastic games, but I would choose The Last of Us just because of how amazingly beautiful the relationship between Joel and Ellie is shown.

It's by far one of the most beautiful action/surivial horror games ever made.

supraking9511938d ago

glad Last of Us didn't go the typical Walking Dead route, so predictable. I was fearing TLoU would copy that overrated game. next.

cyguration1938d ago

The Walking Dead is not predictable or overrated.

***Spoiler Alerts***

How many main characters lose their arm to an infection?

***Spoiler Alerts***

Bimkoblerutso1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

It was fairly predictable in that you could pretty much guess who was going to live and die the second the cast was introduced.

Though, it really didn't matter in the end. The emotional punch was still...substantial, to say the least...

Edit: And I agree with BigBoss. I think both games did more for storytelling and characterization in the industry than we'll really realize for quite a few years down the road.

Harpers_Ferry1938d ago

I'm not sure I understand this post. Is this a joke?

Are you implying that removing a limb due to infection isn't predictable? Because it totally is, and is pretty standard fare in zombie fiction.

Are you implying that having a choice in whether or not to cut off the arm makes the overall story any less predictable? Because it doesn't.

The Walking Dead was a great game, but much like the comic, it's predictable as all hell. That doesn't mean it can't have a great story or writing.

mgszelda11938d ago

Loved the story in TLOU. Did not see half the things coming

brodychet1936d ago

NA = North America.

Not saying "Nah"


rpd1231938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Bro, the Last of Us is an incredibly predictable game itself. The only thing I did not see coming is SPOILER Davis turning on Ellie after they fight off hordes of zombies. I called him being a cannibal though. Everything else was pretty predictable. And drew a considerable amount from the Walking Dead comics and past zombie movies and whatnot. What makes the game so great is the way they told the story though.

Bathyj1938d ago

You thought he was a cannibal, but didnt think hed turn on her?

rpd1231937d ago

I suspected him being a cannibal, then he seemed really nice so I dismissed it, but then when he started getting all douchey I went back to thinking he was a cannibal.

trenso11937d ago


So you predicted that sam would get infected and his brother would commit suicide.

that joel would bodly lie to ellie at the end and would kill marlene.


rpd1231937d ago

Yeah I called Sam getting infected. That was incredibly predictable. The suicide I didn't call. I figured he'd kill his brother but not that he'd kill himself. But the game as a whole was pretty predictable. Major plot points- Ellie being immune, Joel's daughter dying, Joel saving her instead of finding a cure. It's been done before, it'll be done again. Like I said, what makes it great is the way they told it and the development of the characters that a lot of games/movies don't pull off well.

brodychet1936d ago


Lmao, I'm pretty sure most people suspected Ellie to be the cure.

But there's no way you knew Joel would get punctured through the stomach, and David to be a blatant pedophile.

Also, I doubt you expected Joel to turn into a selfish "bad guy" and become so attached to ellie that he gives up finding the cure to just be with her.

Nah there's no way.

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xBigxBossx1938d ago

The walking dead was not overrated. It is the best 20 bucks I've ever spent on a digital game. TLOU stomps all over it IMO. But these two games aren't comparable. Both brilliant in their own ways.

mgszelda11938d ago

Walking Dead was mediocre. Praised for its "amazing story" and "unique gameplay"
Don't get me wrong I got walking dead for $20 so it wasnt a terrible buy. But it was too predictable, probably more so with the fact that the developers said we wanted to make players cry led to one of two possibilities for an ending which came true. Oh and the gameplay is just a straight rip of Heavy Rain which quantic dream has been doing since Indigo Prophecy.
Last of Us came out with great animations, intense gameplay, and a very unpredictable but amazing storyline. I kept pondering over what my top 5 ps3 games would be and TLOU is 2nd for me. MGS4 is first for me

Joln1932d ago

TLOU was mediocre. Every single major character, plus that Ellen Page RIPOFF Ellie was extremely obnoxious and annoying.

I also find it hard to believe how in a game designed to be so "realistic" and "original" as TLOU could possible be all that when Joel can just gun down an entire squad of fully armed Fireflies and Ellie stabbing a man twice her height and size to death with a knife.

Everything about TLOU is cliche and Hollywood whereas in the Walking Dead you at least have a major influence of the storyline and gameplay.

You're just a fanboi.

elhebbo161938d ago

comparing a 60 game to a 20 one? if you put gameplay to a side for a minute, I think the story in both were probably the best in all of gaming. not because of the zombie/infected theme but because of the hard choices that someone would make in those types of situation. some might seem unmoral and wrong but thats what made these games so great.

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