Next-gen Mortal Kombat teaser site goes off-air

VG247's reporting that Midway's teaser site for its next-gen Mortal Kombat title has been taken down until Sunday.

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TrevorPhillips3765d ago

perfect cant wait for this game ed boon announced that the game will be using unreal engine 3 and the character models will look like gears of war characters and the game will feature new characters :)

kewlkat0073765d ago

"Perfect" for this game. Makes good for some "Gritty" looking characters.

Strife Lives3765d ago

Thats TNA impact. It doesnt render stuf in there,the flags above the ring,doesnt move,and it looks lyk a ps2 game. Other than that, I CANNOT FRICKEN WAIT FOR MK ! ! ! The versatility of UE engine is awesome.just look at Mass Effect.or the textures in Toruk ! im hoping the characters in the next gen MK have the luciousness in the textures like a combination of GeOW and Turoks enviroment. Man,cannot wait ! Pls make it great Midway ! And, please have proper ending,nt like armageddon.expected to see some FMV ,bt nothing.

MK_Red3765d ago

Can't wait. Those crazy stuff on were driving me crazy. At least they may have more interesting stuff for Sunday.

killer_trap3765d ago

honestly, this franchise should have been laid under right after MKII. cause anything that came after it was pure garbage(including the 3d ones)

Strife Lives3765d ago

I was lyk 9 or 10 ,maybe younger when it came out.loved it.then the PS1 MK.. the 1st 3D MK SUCKD ! ! ! I didnt play MK for years after,till MK deadly alliance and I loved didnt fl like it had clunky controls and the graphics were pretty gd.Armageddon wasnt as gd as Deadly Alliance in terms of deapth, I thnk. I want ths new MK to have alota characters lyk armageddon,bt pls more depth. And they said their going for a completly new roster,just.. Let Scorpion survive the cut lmao. GET OVEERR HEREE ! !