Animal Crossing: New Leaf; the perfect game?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "There's not a statistic or Hollywood actor in sight in Animal Crossing, and yet as an experience it is more deeply personal than anything else that has been released this year, if not ever. If that isn't pushing towards perfection, then nothing is."

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Mr_Nuts1945d ago

It's fun but I still feel despite all the improvments they could of still done more.

This is basically what City Folk should of been on the Wii...

RedHawkX1945d ago

they probably are waiting to go all out with a wii u version but they have always been pulling punches with animal crossing series after the one on the gamecube. a gam elike animal crossing in this day and age should have a lot more improvements.

Mr_Nuts1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

True but I mean it's even small things when your playing the game, for example storage space uses the same storage as other items when they should be separate.

Why can't you buy a backpack to upgrade your normal storage space in your pockets or at least have slots for your tools so it doesn't take any room out of your inventory.

Proper paths and pavements instead of using your designs on the ground.

Move houses to where you want on the map obviously you would need the permission of the owner. I mean I'm the bloody mayor and I feel like I have no control most of the time. Oh and only one public work project..A DAY, if I finish a project let me start another one.

Main Street should be bigger and offer way more shops. Getting the furniture that you want is hard in this game when theres so little at the start. Re-Tail just sells stuff people have brought in and TT Junction only has two items in the first shop before you upgrade.

An upstairs back, right and left room or why can't you build it in the way you want. If you want your rooms to be on top of each other like a tall building then let you do that....or better yet if they improve main street into a bigger city they could let you build a skyscraper for your city home.

I could go on...theres so many things they could do but they just don't do it.

If I could do indie games like Minecraft or Terraria etc I would love to do a game based on Animal Crossing but add the stuff that's missing to make it a better game.

Xof1945d ago

Oh ho, wow. No. Not even close. Animal Crossing is one of those games that barely even qualifies.


Depends on what kind of games you like

Xof1945d ago

Not really. I love animal crossing, but that doesn't make it a game.

There is no win state.
There is no lose state.
There is no interactive narrative.
There is no skill involved.

Literally, all you do is press A to interact with the world. The closest thing to a game is the very simplistic fishing mini-game, where you can fail to catch a fish if your timing is off.

Animal Crossing isn't a game, it's a simulation.


If you dont think its a perfect game thats cool, im saying it depends on what games you like

There are people who love the things you mentioned in a game but there is also people who loves the fact that those things are not included in this game. and yes it is a game. and for them this might be a perfect game

WeAreLegion1945d ago

It's perfect in the sense that it doesn't try to do a whole lot.

It's definitely a good game, but to call it the perfect game is a bit of an insult to games like Journey, Half-Life, or Super Mario 64.

-GametimeUK-1945d ago

How is calling Animal Crossing a perfect game an insult to the games you listed? No game is perfect, but I appreciate what Animal Crossing does just as much Journey.

WeAreLegion1945d ago

Because other games strive for much more, but... You know what? You seriously don't understand that? I'm afraid an explanation from me probably isn't going to help you.

-GametimeUK-1945d ago

I'm just saying Animal Crossing is hardly a game that has no ambition and doesn't strive for anything.

If you can't see what Animal Crossing achieves as a franchise then I'm afraid an explanation from me won't help you either.

RedHawkX1945d ago

animal crossing is not even close to the perfect game lol. pokemon is higher up on that list with the new pokemon x/y