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Submitted by Prcko 962d ago | video

Sony Says It Has 30 Exclusives Up Its Sleeve, IGN Explains How Is That Possible

How Are There so Many PS4 Exclusives? (PS3, PS4)

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iGAM3R-VIII  +   962d ago | Funny
the answer is simple

p.s my editing skills here were decent :P

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SockeyBoy  +   962d ago
love the white border around the console :P
iGAM3R-VIII  +   962d ago
LOL editing skills +1 *iGAM3R had leveled up*

it was a good try though :P
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wenaldy  +   962d ago
It's Halo. PS4 is holy.
Andreas-Sword  +   962d ago | Helpful
Here is the list of all officially announced games for the PS4:
1. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
2. Basement Crawl
3. Battlefield 4
4. Blacklight: Retribution
5. Call of Duty: Ghosts
6. Carmageddon: Reincarnation
7. Cyberpunk 2077
8. DC Universe Online
9. Deep Down
10. Destiny
11. Diablo III
12. Doki-Doki Universe
13. Don’t Starve
14. Dragon Age: Inquisition
15. Driveclub
16. Dying Light
17. EA Sports UFC
18. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
19. Final Fantasy XV
20. Galak-Z
21. Hohokum
22. Infamous: Second Son
23. Just Dance 2014
24. Killzone: Shadow Fall
25. Kingdom Hearts III
26. Knack
27. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
28. Lords of the Fallen
29. Mad Max
30. Madden NFL 25
31. Mercenary Kings
32. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
33. Mirror’s Edge 2
34. NBA 2K14
35. NBA Live 14
36. Need for Speed Rivals
37. Octodad: Dadliest Catch
38. Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty
39. Outlast
40. Primal Carnage: Genesis
41. Planetside 2
42. Rainbow 6: Patriots
43. Ray’s the Dead
44. Rocketbirds 2: Evolution
45. Secret Ponchos
46. Shadow Warrior
47. Skylanders Swap Force
48. Sniper Elite 3
49. Star Wars: Battlefront
50. Super Motherload
51. The Crew
51. The Elder Scrolls Online
52. The Evil Within
53. The Order: 1886
54. The Playroom
55. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
56. The Witness
57. Thief
58. Tiny Brains
59. Tom Clancy’s The Division
60. Transistor
61. Trials Fusion
62. War Thunder
63. Warframe
64. Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade
65. Watch Dogs
66. Wolfenstein: The New Order
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Andreas-Sword  +   962d ago
And there will be also some other PS4 games announced at the Gamescom 2013, at the Tokyo Game Show 2013, and at the VGA 2013.
For Example: Uncharted 4, God of War 4 and Resistance 4 .. etc... And some brand new IPs.
Here are the sources:
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NarooN  +   961d ago
Damn @ that list of games. The PS4 launch will have the best launch lineup in the PlayStation family's history. The first three PlayStation's had lukewarm/mediocre lineups, but still went on to be very successful systems. PS4 won't have that problem out of the gate, which is great.

edit for clarity: I know those games are what's announced, not necessarily launch titles, just saying lol.
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minimur12  +   961d ago
To my knowledge, if most exclusives are AAA games, these are the AAA franchises I can think of;
This is talking about the franchises , not the new IP's.
(non-announced games)

God Of War
Ratchet And Clank (ratchet and clank on PS4 ERMAHGERD)
Heavenly Sword (Ninja are working on some mobile game atm :( )
Little Big Planet
Battle stars Royale
Gran Turismo 6 (not coming to PS4 though, lol its listed in my local game store though lol )
BUZZ Quiz ( :D )
The Last Of Us?
I would LOVE a Croc game on PS4!!!11!!1!1!!1

Dammit, 11, still 7 more to go. hmmm.....
New IP announced exclusive:
The Order
Deep Down
Exclusive announcements:

I hate a feeling that there will be some 3rd party franchises like Dead Island, possibly a Devil May Cry (again, possibly)
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HD_GAMER1989  +   961d ago
@minimur12 you forgot to mention lair :( i know why but still a boy who loves dragons can dream. make sure sixaxis isnt included add 30fps or 60fps locked frame rate and new or remade lair game could be LEGEND........................ .........................wait for it............................ ............................... .......DARY.
calis  +   961d ago
I'd be really surprised (pleasantly) if there was another Resistance.
BitbyDeath  +   962d ago
The 30+ exclusives don't include 3rd party/indie exclusives either.

"Our Worldwide Studios team has more than 30 PS4 exclusive titles in development, 20 of which will launch during the first year of PS4."
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BiggCMan  +   961d ago
I hope Agent remains an exclusive and carries over to PS4.
3-4-5  +   961d ago
That list is awesome if you really think about it.

That is a ton of potentially good games without much shovelware or filler.
SniperControl  +   961d ago
Surely that image is Photoshoped!!

LOL good effort iGAM3R.
RedHawkX  +   961d ago
you see the n4g article image? the image alone is more exclusives and iconic games then the xbox system and thats only a small handful of sonys exclusives. im tired of xbox fanboys saying they are gamers yet missing out on all this epic games because they want to play the same old halo and gears.
swerve121  +   961d ago
@RedHawkX I play both system and have both. Exclusives are what drives me. I may lean towards M$ more because there the underdogs but both systems get my money.

Xbox Live/ The Legend 561

PSN/ Swerve121
UNGR  +   961d ago
Sony's been around longer idiot, what did you expect? They dominated a generation, getting a bunch of studios under their belt was the best thing they could do if competition came up, and it worked.
wishingW3L  +   962d ago
many F2P games like Warframes and Planetside which aren't on the XB1.
Classyismyname   962d ago | Spam
MichaelLito79   962d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(18)
Nightfallen  +   962d ago
I'm assuming plenty of indie PSN title games are counted. Which is not a bad thing.
Parapraxis  +   962d ago
I'm assuming that's the case with the Xbox One as well.
SoapShoes  +   962d ago
No because they stated those were in development by their worldwide studios which indie titles are not.
HammadTheBeast  +   962d ago
None are actually.
Darth Stewie  +   962d ago
but alot of those titles are on PC, Vita, and even PS3. They are not exclusives but exclusive does not always mean better.
first1NFANTRY  +   962d ago
Judging by Sony's history I would believe them moreso than M$. They have proven to me personally that they're all about the gamers. This is a major factor why I'm getting a PS4 first.
Mr2Good3  +   962d ago
Man I cant wait to play Infamous: Second Son
MysticStrummer  +   962d ago
Same here. That gameplay demo from E3 really blew me away. For some reason, before I saw that I was interested in Second Son but not giving it too much thought compared to other titles. That demo put Second Son near the top of my Most Wanted list.
RedHawkX  +   961d ago
yep infamous second son is an open world superhero game with an awesome and long single player campaign. infamous second son will be far better then ryse of kinect the god of war wannabe that looks like crap and plays like crap.

also infamous second son has destructable environments so its gonna be really exciting and crazy.
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husomc  +   961d ago
before i saw the demo i thought all the Infamous: SS screenshots i was seeing were souped up bull shots. but now they look completely legit
itBourne  +   962d ago
I got one question, Clap Hanz where is my new Hot Shots Golf Game?
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Yodagamer  +   962d ago
Last time i knew they ported the vita version over to the ps3 last year in japan. It was supposed to come out by the end of the summer, but i haven't heard of anything yet since the announcement.
Yodagamer  +   962d ago
Simple really sony owns 13 studios (a few that dev more than 1 game at a time). Then you simply pay, help publish, or even help develop some of the indie/3rd parties games to keep them exclusive.
palaeomerus  +   962d ago
Easy. 30 exclusives includes like ten that are lower budget downloadable games and several are stuff like kart racers, Ratchet and Clank All 4 One, or Move Heroes.
nnodley  +   962d ago
Well too bad Ratchet and Clank is created by a third party and so is Move Heroes and any kart racers were created by third party as well. United front games created mod nation racers and LBP karting with help from media molecule.

So no those games would not be counted in the 30 exclusives because the 30 exclusives are being developed in sony's first party studios. Try harder next time though.
palaeomerus  +   961d ago
It doesn't say anything about 30 first party exclusives. It just says exclusives. It doesn't even say Sony published exclusives. You know I don't have to try harder because I'm right. PS4 won't be handled any differently than PS3 in terms of getting exclusives and part of padding the quantity is not going AAA with all of it.
nnodley  +   961d ago
Sorry, the video is completely wrong which is surprising because I thought IGN would be better than that. Either rewatch the sony conference or look it up. I am right. Yoshida said it will be first party exclusives and Sony Europe CEO Jim Ryan also confirmed that.

Jim Ryans exact quote: "I’m sure you heard from [SCE Worldwide Studios boss] Shu [Yoshida] that he has—just his studios—he has 30 games in development,” he said. “Twenty of them are going to ship within the first year of the console’s life, and of those, 12 are new IP. So there’s a lot going on, it’s just that we need to keep stuff back. We’ve got Gamescom for us Europeans—we need to have something to show at Gamescom, don’t we?” - Sony Europe CEO Jim Ryan
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dontbhatin  +   961d ago

You just got OWNED!!!
duplissi  +   961d ago
they stated at e3 that the games are in development by their studios I.E. ones sony owns.
jcnba28  +   962d ago
30 exclusives with half of them being Wonderbook sequels or bad ps move games.
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Hicken  +   962d ago
If you're gonna troll, you should put more effort into it.
MysticStrummer  +   962d ago
Yeah that was a bizarre trolling attempt.

Lashing out in desperation maybe...?
Hicken  +   962d ago
I dunno what it was, but it was pretty weak.
jcnba28  +   961d ago
I wasn't trolling, just being realistic. I'm probably going to pick up a ps4 eventually but honestly if you think these 30 exclusives are all going to be triple A titles then you're in for a huge surprise.
dontbhatin  +   961d ago
Yeah you think we dont know they most likely wont all be AAA titles? We can be realistic too, You were just spewing BS into the fire. So how many of those 20 exclusives 8 being new IP's do you think will be AAA games? From Microsofts record probably less than half of them.
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tarbis  +   962d ago
and your trolling sucks more than M$.
palaeomerus  +   961d ago
Being an angry gullible shill who believes cornball PR without thinking about it doesn't help anyone.

Sony is kicking ass right now so why do their fans have to be so pitiful and infantile? You people must really embarrass the hell out of them with your sad antics.

As for MS, screw 'em. They dug a grave and jumped in. Not my problem. If they crawl out good on 'em. If not...oh well.
tarbis  +   961d ago
Are you high? I suggest you lay off the leaves. It won't do any wonders to your empty head right now.
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WitWolfy  +   962d ago
God you have to see the irony in that post!!

Lets quickly change that to a Sony gamers' perspective.

"30 exclusives with half of them being Halo sequels or bad kinect games."

#10.3 (Edited 962d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
palaeomerus  +   961d ago
You wouldn't be freaking out about what he said so much if deep in your heart you didn't know that he was right.
grassyknoll  +   962d ago
abzdine  +   961d ago
if you know Sony a little bit you'd realize that they dont kid with exclusives! The quality is most of the time over the roof with PlayStation exclusives no matter what game that is.
For me just a LBP3, GT7, TLG, Uncharted 4, God of War 4 or WipEout are worth 30 exclusives, and they're all coming out!
#10.5 (Edited 961d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
RedHawkX  +   961d ago
nope 30 exclusives with more then half of them being like the last of us, uncharted 2, god of war 3, infamous, lbp etc. you know the games that have some of the highest metacritic review scores of this generation or did you miss the last of us reviews because i think i seen a few more 10's and 9.5's today actually on n4g lol.

what exactly have you guys been playing exclusively on the x360 by the way because on the ps3 i been playing
god of war acension
the last of us
ni no kuni just to name a few exclusives

and gonna be playing gt6, beyond 2 souls and some difinitive version of kingdom hearts 2.5 hd remix to get ready for some Kingdom hearts 3.

while you got nothing on the xbox 360 but some multiplats thats on all the consoles. your not a gamer now that you know this you can go back to watching milo vids on youtube.
Hicken  +   961d ago
You call making up some random quantification of Sony's exclusives that don't AT ALL reflect their practices "being realistic?"

I mean, Wonderbook hasn't even been ANNOUNCED for PS4, has it? But you're assuming it's got sequels in the works? They've hardly even talked about Move for PS4, but it's supposed to be a significant chunk of the exclusives?

It's like it's the first time you've heard of Sony, or something.
DarkZane  +   962d ago
The difference between Sony and MS is that Microsoft have revealed everything they had up their sleeves at E3. Sony only showed a small part and still beated them.
Mikefizzled  +   961d ago
Spencer confirmed they are announcing games at Gamescom and so far I'd say was pretty even on exclusives shown at E3
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Jazz4108  +   961d ago
Ms won e3 game wise by a long shot in my opinion
I was there and the word was all ms games not sony. Plus 90% of sonys show was mp and that long battlefield 64 match that was clearly pc. You saw a tower and keyboard and every station. Sonys show was horrible till there troll on ms or it would have been a slaughter. Now the levels are even on drm I guess it might of been a very glod show for ms. If i was a sony gamer i would not want to rewatch ms show as it was aaa gamea beginning to end. Ms also just announced yesterday they are allowing self punlishing for indy devs. Looking good both ways and both consolea are preordered.
#11.1.1 (Edited 961d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(9) | Report
strifeblade  +   961d ago
well to be fair msoft still has atleast 2 exclusives that have not been accounted for since they showed 12 at the event and announced 15 for first year (ones they did not show was lococycle and kinect sports 2) so that leaves 1 exclusive and their black tusk studio game which we have no info about. But safe to say they showed the biggest games, but i would also be lead to believe sony showed their biggest games as well at e3 but time will tell, ps msoft also said they are showin more exclusives in the comin months so i wouldnt count them out just yet
#11.2 (Edited 961d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Paul85  +   962d ago
Hopefully next gen we get a new tenchu! :-D
Kurt Russell  +   961d ago
It'll need a huge overhaul to not suck like it has the last 7 years...
X14life   962d ago | Spam
fabiani  +   962d ago
JustPlay4  +   962d ago
They only have 12 new ip coming
Not all 30 are true exclusives

It more like most are gamers have
Exclusive content, ie watch dogs and destiny

But that still a lot of exclusives I guess

And yes titanfall is no exclusive it on pc and
360 not just xbox one
Whitefeather  +   962d ago
Those 30 games are exclusive, they are being made by Sony's own studios.
nnodley  +   962d ago
My god people seriously don't know how to do research do they. Yoshida at the E3 conference said they had 30 exclusives in development in all of their first party studios. 20 of them will be out in the first year of ps4 and 12 are new IP's. At least you got the new IP part right.
hawkeyejonjon  +   962d ago
Totally wrong.
30 First Party Games as 20 of them will come out the first year and 12 of them are new IPS so they are true exlusives as no indie games are counted

100 third party games are coming to PS4 in the first year as 40 of them will have exclusive experiences on PS4 (Assassins Creed 4, Destiny, Watch Dogs, & more)


If you looked around the net you would know this or watched the Sony E3 Press Conference as they talked about this
Welcome2Die  +   962d ago
With how bad the Xboned is going, every game that comes out might as well be exclusive to PS4 unless its an Xboned exclusive.
PositiveEmotions  +   962d ago
how did i miss this article wtf but yea wow 30 exclusives omg sony is just wow man their really pushing it for us sony fans..

hail the ps4 viva ps4!!!!
Khronikos  +   962d ago
Anybody who worries about Sony exclusives coming hasn't been watching them closely. They have dozens of games in the works and they always do. The Xbox One looks okay for now but can it sustain itself is the question with lower power AND less games plus higher price?
brettyd  +   962d ago
This is why Idc that Sony didn't reveal a bunch of new exclusives. WIth a playstation your guaranteed to get AAA exclusives on a regular basis. Honestly the only XboxOne exclusives that looked any good were Quantum Break and Titan Fall.
crazyturkey  +   962d ago
I wish MAG2 was one of these exclusives. If Sony gets someone to make MAG 2 I'll buy 2 PS4s for it. MAG is my favorite Multi-player game of this gen.
#20 (Edited 962d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
TheOneEyedHound  +   962d ago
Ssssh we got PlanetSide 2.
#20.1 (Edited 962d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Andreas-Sword  +   961d ago
PlanetSide 2 on the PS4 will be a very fun game. I cant wait to play it on the PS4.
But I hope SONY makes also MAG 2 for the PS4.
Because MAG 1 was a very good game.
GABRIEL1030  +   962d ago
The number 4...

Strong rumors of Jak 4, Uncharted 4, Syphon Filter 4 and GOW 4 for PS4.
#21 (Edited 962d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
nnodley  +   962d ago
The god of war one has been confirmed as fake.

Idk about the jak 4 one though, but I'd rather have uncharted 4 than jak 4. I know a lot of people have been asking for jak 4 though.
TheOneEyedHound  +   962d ago
Sony is working with the Patriots?
Dlacy13g  +   962d ago
The reality the majority of that 30 number are indie games not AAA...some will be great...some crap.
GamerGuy153  +   962d ago
As people have been stating, the 30 figure is the number of exclusive games in development by Sony Worldwide Studios, that means Sony owns them. I don't think indie games count in that number because they are independent of Sony. That being said, games like a new SingStar probably would be counted in the 30 because that Sony Japan I believe. I would say at least half, 15, will be high quality and worthy of playing time, and then on top of that would be the numerous exclusive indie games. Either way, we will be in for a great generation, and I will be counting on Sony to be announcing heavy hitters like Uncharted 4 and God of War 4. No worries my friend, the games are coming.
MRMagoo123  +   962d ago
l2r dlacy13g , they are 30 first party studios not indie games you giant derp , maybe its hard to except but its true.
Dlacy13g  +   961d ago
I will believe it when I see it... We can revisit this in a year and see where Sony is at on delivering 30 exclusives (not saying they need to deliver all in 1 yr mind you). the mix is going to be download titles, AAA and probably timed exclusive and I doubt its all first party. Just not buying it.

edit: @MRMagoo123 and way to be a shinning example of what is wrong with a good chunk of commentors on N4G. Name calling because someone says something you don't agree with. Welcome to the 6th grade!
#23.2.1 (Edited 961d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(6) | Report
MRMagoo123  +   961d ago
well it is first party that is why they said first party , i guess you are not as smart as i gave you credit for huh. <---- rhetorical question (i guess you can google what that means)
xyxzor  +   962d ago
Expect LittleBigPlanet 3 in 2014. This should be revealed at Gamescom. I would bet money on it. Uncharted 4 will be announced at this years VGA show. That will be available November of next year as well. I have my sources :)
ado908  +   962d ago
Eh they can take those exclusives and shove it up my Ps4's slot
Flames76  +   962d ago
PS4 had its chance to win me over at E3 and failed with their 5 exclusives.Xbox One on the other hand brought the games so pre ordered the Xbox One.Still nice to see the gaming market healthy and both should do great this gen unlike the Wii U
MRMagoo123  +   962d ago
LMAO you think the xbone will out do the wiiu ???? not a chance. Sont have and always will have the most games in each gen , learn your gaming history sony have spanked MS each gen with games.
moparful99  +   961d ago

""PS4 had its chance to win me over at E3 and failed with their 5 exclusives""

Sony ONLY showed off games that are scheduled to come out in the launch window.. Most of what Microsoft showed had indefinite launch dates in 2014.. Just admit that you had NO intentions of getting a PS4, if you had you wouldn't have made such an ignorant statement...
Picnic  +   961d ago
No offence but the PS4 games looked like a step up from the current gen whereas the Xbox One games didn't massively.
tuglu_pati  +   961d ago
You need to remove those Sony goggles. They are affecting you vision. Sony had great looking games as well as X1.
b3ast  +   961d ago
Flames76 stupid stupid boy, you really are brianwashed.
MyWordIsGospel  +   961d ago
dont forget to add the greatest golfing game ever made - Hot SHots Golf (us) / Everybodys golf (UK) / Minna Golf (japan) ...Its been ever present on ps1, 2, and 3 and sells a bucketload, one of ps's best kept exclusive secrets,
thecowsaysmoo  +   961d ago
Media Molecule has to be working on a ps4 exclusive.
moparful99  +   961d ago
They are, you don't remember that neat tech demo they showed onstage???
Mikefizzled  +   961d ago
I've said this before and I'll say it again. God of War starting to develop fatigue. After 4 Uncharted games and TLOU it needs time for a truly phenomenal sequel to be developed.
KontryBoy706  +   961d ago
I'm content with not seeing an Uncharted game for awhile. To me, The Last of Us was better than Uncharted 1, 2, and 3. If Naughty Dog can step away from Uncharted and make amazing games like this... I'd expect them to make a 3rd franchise they can alternate between it and The Last Of Us Too (2) and then surprise us with Uncharted 4 in like 2015.

P.S. there's only been 3 Uncharted games
#29.1 (Edited 961d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Mikefizzled  +   961d ago
I was counting Golden Abyss.
febreeze1  +   961d ago
Well uc3 came out in 2011. By the time they're done 4, a couple of years would have passed. Earliest my guessing will be nov. 2014 or oct. 2015. 4 year gap for uncharted is more than enough...
KontryBoy706  +   961d ago
True Mikefizzled. That one does count. Haven't played it myself. Is it good?
Scrumptious  +   961d ago
Sony obviously has more exclusives because they own more studios and manage them more intelligently.

But for 3rd party there is little reason to release an exclusive title early in a console life cycle. Install base is small so by going multi-platform they get more return on investment.

However, we can clue in on which platforms they prefer, such as the exclusive Sony content on Destiny and Watchdogs.
#30 (Edited 961d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
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