Grand Theft Auto 4 singleplayer takes 56 hours to finish

VGB reports that Jeronimo Barrera, a senior developer at Rockstar, says it takes testers playing 4 hours a day "a good 2 weeks to get through the whole single-player game." That means if they are playing a full week that's about 56 hours total.

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xhi43709d ago

it takes the testers to complete only the main story arch around 56 hours to complete it.

They're pro's, do it for a living.

Secondly, this does not include side missions etc.

This game is going to be massive!

Exciting stuff!

The Killer3709d ago

so this includes the side missions!
beside they also check for each part of the city and with different things happened at the same place, so this can take longer time then someone just want to finish the game, so i say for those who want to finish the game so fast the will finish it in 2 days and those who want to enjoy the game and take it slowly probably will take then weeks of hours of playing each day!

THC CELL3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

this game will cost more hours on psn and x box live

Bubble Buddy3709d ago

Now that's a game worth my 60 bucks.

dantesparda3709d ago

Now dont kill me over this people, its just my opinion. Nothing negative against the game. Its just i am one of those guys that doesnt mind a game being 6-12 hours and hates when a game is too long (read: RPGs). I think that the length of both games (Gears of War and Heavenly Sword) are fine and not detrimental. Both good games btw, regardless of what the fanboys say

Sevir043709d ago

that i'll be playing till the release of Fallout 3, white knight story and final fantasy 13. reall 56s hours is probably the fastest you can finish it. i maxed out GTA san andreas at 94 hours with everything complete. To think that MS paid so much money for content that gonna hit in the fall and is gonna be even more expensive than your typical download on xbox live... at this point i think that extra content was a waste of money, they should have paid money to have the game as a timed exclusive instead cause it's gonna take a good while before anyone finishes the game let alone pay for more content when other big games are hitting the same time the new content hits.

socomnick3709d ago

Servir that honor still goes to Oblivion some people have spent over 140 hours on that game. took me like 80 to 100 hours to finish the main story and all the guilds quest.

Lifendz3709d ago

can't wait to get my hands on it.

Forgranted3709d ago

Its probably more like 40 hours because of 5 day work weeks

Figboy3708d ago

and while, yes, we do test EVERYTHING in the game, including side-missions, we also have what is called a "complete playthrough."

where we basically play through the campaign mode, from beginning to end, and log how long it took us.

this generally means ignoring *ALL sidemissions/quests.

so while it may take 56 hours to complete the campaign mode in GTAIV, it probably doesn't include the side quests. which could take anywhere from 10-20 extra hours to complete.

in either case, GTAIV is such a massive game, i doubt i'll complete the campaign mode, because i get too sidetracked by other things to do. it's what makes GTA games so fun, and it's the element that most copy-cat games can't seem to get their heads around (ie, look at any Activision "open world" game, and there is literally *NOTHING to them but driving around and shooting. no interactivity with the world, little to no side-missions, unless it's lame races, etc. GTA has a plethora of things to do and discover).

in either case, GTAIV is going to be one of two games i WILL own by the end of this month: GT5 Prologue is the other.

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TrevorPhillips3709d ago

56 hours to complete yeh but it depends though they were probably playin only 2-3hrs a day and some people might finish it all day u cant really say how much hours ur gonna finish the game its random

xhi43709d ago

you can.

these guys are pros, the technical VP of Rockstar says they played it 4 hours a day, for 2 weeks. And that's just the main story arch.

It's not as random as you think, its like 48 hours to 100+ hours basically, add on just mucking around time and multiplayer, youve got yourself one hell of a solid game.

I haven't played a 20+ game in a while! this will be awesome!

TheExecutive3709d ago

no way they mean the game 100%. If they do then they cheated by using maps for hidden things.

I was at 84hrs at 98% completion for San Andreas without using a map. Now that I have a family this game may as well be 1000 hours long. I cant spend 2-3 hours a day playing, maybe an hour but its pry more like 6 hours a week.

So if I say its going to take me 70 hours to complete thats 12 weeks to completion and thats if I play no other games (MGS4), which I certainly will.

Jazz41083708d ago

I put about 120 hours in lost oddyesey

sunnygrg3709d ago

I guess I wont, but I will definitely find the time to complete the single player mode quickly so that I can move to the multiplayer.

tweaker3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

It may take 56 hours to complete the main missions BUT the main goal of the game will take about 400+ hours. It's called f**king around.

Nexus5303709d ago

Nah man, im gunna be taking my sweet time with GTA4, i wanna soak in and appreciate every bit of its genious. what about everyone else?

PSN: Nexus530 add me!

Official General3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Yeah me too. I aint gonna be in any rush to complete it, I wanna absorb the whole experience and feel of the game and the get the most out of the explosive action. I'ma take my time on this for sure!

EDIT: @ Gamer Luv if you dont like GTA games then you dont need to be here commenting about GTA 4. You are just one of those guys who keep coming on these GTA 4 posts saying how overrated and over-hyped GTA games are and they are not that good. Well look if you dont like GTA games it's your business, but nodbody is forcing you to buy the game and you certainly dont need to be wasting time posting comments on a game that does not interested you. No one cares if you dont like GTA games, this subject is for people who do like GTA games and are anticipating GTA 4's release. If you dont like it then head to the exit man ----------->

Glad to be a gamer3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

So Sad when people can't communicate like human beings and have to resort to mindless verbal bashing.

Try playing nice Official and acting your age. Theres a good lad