Saints Row IV Aussie ban due to Alien Anal Probe

Player Attack: Yesterday, we confirmed that Saints Row 4 has been Refused Classification in Australia - today, we can tell you why. Those of you who were expecting it to be something typically over-the-top are right on the money - the Board objects (among other things) to the game's inclusion of an "Alien Anal Probe".

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KrisButtar1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

its funny as that(Alien Anal Probe) would have been the 1st thing I showed my parents the next time they came over for dinner. I also showed them the purple dildo when SR3 was released and they thought that was funny to.

theWB271969d ago

Is there a harder place to be a gamer than Australia..coupled with the crazy prices.

ScubbaSteve1969d ago

Can't help but wonder if they just import all their stuff. I mean with the prices why would you bother buying games locally.

killbillvolume121969d ago

Well yeah its cheaper to import but when stupid nintendo does region locking club nintendo shit.... and well you "can" run into problems with importing and dlc. You are right tho importing is the way to go...

elhebbo161969d ago

@killbill wouldn't it be more convenient to also import the console as well if its region locked?

killbillvolume121969d ago

@elhebbo16 Yeah it would bew convenient but then you would run into issues of if your console dies you CANNOT get it repaired by the big companies....

NihonjinChick1969d ago

From what I've seen in the trailers, they aren't really missing out on anything great.

Pisque1969d ago

If you only judge by the trailers... Rome Total War is the worse game of the series according to you.

NihonjinChick1969d ago

I also watched the gameplay footage and I wasn't impressed.

Pisque1969d ago

This is kind of weird but it turns me on

B-radical1969d ago

I see aliens probing people on the street all the time in Aus whats the big deal?!

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