Naughty Dog Reacts To Ellen Page’s The Last of Us Comments

Naughty Dog has responded on twitter about Ellen Page's comments towards The Last of Us.

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doctorstrange1972d ago

She looks nothing like Joel, this whole thing is silly.

Crazyglues1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

@ doctorstrange

yeah I would hope she wouldn't look anything like Joel, because that would actually be pretty scary, since Joel is a dude..

-But as far as her looking like Ellie, well it's pretty clear naughty dog used her likeness when they first thought of how they wanted the character to be. -(they made an adjustment but it still looks exactly like her) even Stevie Wonder could see that.

-Really Naughty dog should just fess up - imitation is the best type of flattery... Her name is Ellen, the girl in last of us is Ellie, come on' I mean let's be serious (they clearly were a fan of her's acting in JUNO the movie and used her likeness to shape their character.) -Why not just say that!

"Sorry didn't mean to copy you, we were just a fan of the way you played a character and thought that kind of attitude and likeness you played in the movie fit the idea of what we wanted for the game. (No harm intended)"

-And that would have been the end of it, she seems like a really cool person.

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XB1_PS41971d ago

Even the name, Ellie is pretty close. It's safe to say they did. I don't think this is a big deal anymore... Considering Ellen Page was never even upset about it. She tweeted them back replying as: "[email protected]_Dog I agree! Looking forward to playing #TheLastofUs"

badboy7761971d ago

This Could All be a PR Stunt????

Zeniix1971d ago

yep they should just give her props

devwan1971d ago

"but it still looks exactly like her"

So they changed the look and the character still looks exactly the same as Ellen Page...

so how come the picture above with old and current Ellie look like completely different people?

Can't have it both ways.

Why o why1971d ago

Straight homage if you ask me

HammadTheBeast1971d ago

Just finished it. Downright amazing game. Beyond any game I've ever played, and I thought Bioshock Infinite was a 9.5/10.

dantesparda1971d ago

Looks like Ellen Page to me, especially the original

Dynasty20211971d ago Show
minimur121971d ago

lmao,I bought tlou artbook and the concept designs are effed up for ellie - pink hair, super tall, shaved head. its amazing.

Nevers1971d ago

"This Could All be a PR Stunt????" - badboy776

I doubt they need much PR. I think this has very little to do with the actress or the devs. It's no-name websites insighting drama that isn't really there so their site can get hits.

SatanSki1971d ago

"But as far as her looking like Ellie, well it's pretty clear naughty dog used her likeness when they first thought of how they wanted the character to be. -(they made an adjustment but it still looks exactly like her) even Stevie Wonder could see that."

Yeah, and noone noticed untill this crappy wannabe teenage star said this looking for some notoriety.

DragonKnight1971d ago

Ellen Page agrees with Naughty Dog and is looking forward to playing TLoU, any other argument is invalid.

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fardan851971d ago

Dude, Joel is the guy Ellie is the gal, and yeah, the whole thing is silly.

SniperControl1971d ago

Lol, minimur12 sums up my sentiments exactly.

Ace_Pheonix1971d ago

Hey, did you see her Twitter profile pic? With the flannel shirt, and trucker hat, and scruffy face? I'd say he's a dead ringer.

sly-Famous1971d ago

Bwhahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THC CELL1971d ago

if we was talking about beyond two souls i would agree, oh wait.

x5exotic1971d ago

Naughty doggies, infamous for uncharted
measures of unoriginality. I hope this is the Last
Of It. I don't want them to crash. Hehehehe

Bobby Kotex1971d ago

Naughty Dog took the bait.

1971d ago
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Imalwaysright1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Am I the only one to think that Ellie doesn't look anything like Ellen Page?

McScroggz1971d ago

Before the revision she did look a lot like Ellen Page. Now there is just a resemblance if you want there to be because Ellen Page has "one of those faces."

NegativeCreepWA1971d ago

Ellie doesn't anymore, but if you look at the original Ellie, they look identical.

Imalwaysright1971d ago

That must be it. I don't remember how the original model looked like but the Ellie that became one of my favorite characters in videogames doesn't look like Ellen Page to me.

Jughead34161971d ago

I agree. They don't look that much alike. Especially since they changed the appearance. How many girls look like this? I'd say a lot.

Gameratheart1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Name some that look just like her.... Ellie is Ellen page. She has one of those faces?... Again, people, show me 5 girls that look practically exactly like Ellen page..... Hell, show me 1-2... You can't. I don't know anyone that looks like Ellen page, besides Ellie from TLOU.. Lol. Stop pretending Ellie isn't modeled after Ellen page..... Give me a break.

Nd also used an artists Boston rail map too... Was that just another coincidence? It just happened to look exactly the same as this booth guys art??? Lol, ok, sure did! They couldn't come up with their own Boston rail map, but you idiots think they just "came up" with Ellen pages face by accident?! Lol...

BlackTar1871971d ago

Wha is the disagree for? THat i proved that they havve a bunch of famous people who all look like ellen page?

wastedcells1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I can't believe this is news. Do gamers really care. I don't.

karl1971d ago

it doesnt to me either..

the original ellie only look more mature to me..

maybe a few years olders..

compare it to ellen in beyond and ull see they have very little alike

WeskerChildReborned1971d ago

IMO the very first artwork for Ellie looked like Ellen but not atm, they just have similar hair styles and same eye color but obviously have distinct features.

dumahim1971d ago

Ellie's eyes are blue.

Inception1971d ago

No, you're not. Even her voices is different from Elen Page.

sly-Famous1971d ago

Only people who actually played the game will see that Ellie looks nothing like Ellen Page.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1971d ago

You are not the only one. I think what a lot of people fail to see or remember is how the first rendition of ellie looked ALOT like ellen page whereas the edited version that made to the final game, looks nothing like her. People are blind or have some disorder where they can't tell faces apart. visit your local doc

ZBlacktt1971d ago

Yes, you are the only one, lol.... come on man.

assdan1971d ago

Yes, she looks exactly like Ellen Page. I'd say she resembles Page more than Ashley Johnson.

Zephyrus341966d ago

Ellen Page or not, she will be Ellen Page in my eyes, my heart, and my soul <3. hahaah! >:D

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bub161971d ago

who cares? loads of computer characters are based on real life people

moegooner881971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Ellen Page commented on the post saying she is looking forward to playing TLOU, doesn't seem that she is " mad " anymore.

CrossingEden1971d ago

she never was mad, it was a joke, gamers made her out to be mad and blew it out of proportion

Soldierone1971d ago

Her quote was just taken out of context. She never meant anything bad by what she said.

She just said its kinda sucks since she really is in a game and she wants that game to get the credit.

elhebbo161971d ago

I blame the gaming sites like IGN for making this a big deal.

CrossingEden1971d ago

they basically said in the nicest way possible, "our fanboys need to shut up and stop harassing ellen page because we were not offended by her joke which was not meant to be offensive in the first place and if WE were not offended then we don't need whiny fanboys defending us 24/7 because they take our games TOO seriously and can't take a joke"