Half-Life 2 Just Got All Messed Up, And People Are Freaking Out

Normally, when a game is updated and things break, it's cause for concern. When a Valve game updates and things get weird, though, people get excited.

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v0rt3x1999d ago

Even if this turns out to be a technical fault - it seems interesting that somewhere, someone was tinkering with the HL2 setting on Steam to have caused this.

Maybe (hopefully) some news this year - but don't count on it.

In any case - HL3 has taken so long now - it could be labeled as Vaporware.

FlyingFoxy1999d ago

The engine for next gen Valve games has been in development for 2 and a half years, and i have no idea how long it took to develop the first source engine. All we know is the gap between HL1 -> 2 was 6 years, but that doesn't mean the engine & game took that long to develop.

calvincrack1999d ago

for Half Life 3 to be vaporware, it would have needed to be officially announced

PhantomTommy1999d ago

Wow, so glad it wasn't just me, got really freaked out by the Korean dialogue.

buynit1999d ago

Its time for valve to move the half life series forward...

NiteX1999d ago

I think it's been that time for a few years now.

Mr Tretton1999d ago

Only thing that updated for me was HL2 DM and CS.

"UPDATE 2 - Valve tells us it "should be fixed now"."

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The story is too old to be commented.