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Half-Life 2 Just Got All Messed Up, And People Are Freaking Out

Normally, when a game is updated and things break, it's cause for concern. When a Valve game updates and things get weird, though, people get excited. (Half-Life 2, PC)

v0rt3x  +   884d ago
Even if this turns out to be a technical fault - it seems interesting that somewhere, someone was tinkering with the HL2 setting on Steam to have caused this.

Maybe (hopefully) some news this year - but don't count on it.

In any case - HL3 has taken so long now - it could be labeled as Vaporware.
FlyingFoxy  +   884d ago
The engine for next gen Valve games has been in development for 2 and a half years, and i have no idea how long it took to develop the first source engine. All we know is the gap between HL1 -> 2 was 6 years, but that doesn't mean the engine & game took that long to develop.
calvincrack  +   884d ago
for Half Life 3 to be vaporware, it would have needed to be officially announced
PhantomTommy  +   884d ago
Wow, so glad it wasn't just me, got really freaked out by the Korean dialogue.
buynit  +   884d ago
Its time for valve to move the half life series forward...
NiteX  +   884d ago
I think it's been that time for a few years now.
Plagasx  +   884d ago
Sighs, HL3....
Mr Tretton  +   884d ago
Only thing that updated for me was HL2 DM and CS.

"UPDATE 2 - Valve tells us it "should be fixed now"."
FlyingFoxy  +   884d ago
Hopefully Source 2 allows for much more dynamic play, it really need it for Left 4 Dead 3.

Things that would make L4D3 much better in my opinion:

*More randomness in the maps with shortcuts/area's opening up.

*Selectable static/random weather.

*Random escape points, at least 3, so people don't camp the same spot at the end of campaigns waiting for rescue to arrive.

*Randomly timed hordes, instead of being predictable like they are now, have a cooldown timer so they can spawn any time between 2-5 minutes after every horde.

*More team play/strategy elements, have fire hoses that can be picked up while still being attached to the wall. Those hoses can work easily like the smoker's tongue. It would have limited water/foam and up to 2 survivors can hold it at once to help steady the firing. This has good strategy because it can be good for putting out fires blocking paths & pushing away infected but can be bad, by putting out fires of specials or a tank. So it kind of balances out.

*Foam grenade, also has strategy advantages for both teams. Can put out fire of anything, but slows down anything that walks in it by less than walk speed.

*Special infected to slow down rushers, this one is similar to the witch but has no eyes and stays in one place with long tentacles for arms, feeling the ground for movement. This gives the walk ability some use, you need to walk around it rather than run otherwise you will startle it and one of the tentacles will swipe causing incap/death.

*More area specific threats, something maybe other than common and uncommon infected, because areas tend to feel empty at times.

I also think they could potentially add some type of generator to the maps to make them much more random. Example: if the game knows there is a room with 2 floors but no way to get up to the 2nd floor, it adds a ladder or stairs & door where needed. I'm not sure how difficult that would be to code, but the way i explained it sounds quite simple. That would extend the games life greatly.
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kevnb  +   884d ago
what does that have to do with a game engine? That is all possible now, but I dont think you have thought it through very hard. Thats why valve make the games we love, and you just lose bubbles.
buynit  +   884d ago
Sounds like you know the game well..
blitzburns4  +   884d ago
The only games that could ever truly stand up to Half Life 2 and its two episodes (in my opinion) were Portal, (Also a Valve Game) Shadow of the Colossus, and Sony's brilliant The Last of Us.

To be sure, there are numerous other games that came close: Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Bioshock, FF7, Legend of the Dragoon, but I don't know...Those games all had a very different feel to me. The first games' listed felt so close to each other in terms of presentation, storytelling, gloomy yet hopeful futures, ect.

Halo felt like an action thriller, though it had the whole "Humanity is losing" aspect to it. Bioshock fits in the same theme in terms of its setting, but the game/story plays out more like a straight-up horror novel to me. (Which is great it its own right, but it's different and didn't connect with me as much emotionally.)

FF7 I suppose should be listed in with the first few games, but I played it very late. (I purchased on the PSN only about six months ago.) It was too late for me, I was too spoiled. I couldn't feel the same impact my older brothers and friends had all those years ago when it was first released.

Metal Gear Solid (and, to some extent, Uncharted) are the weird exceptions. The games are so damn great that, upon playing them, (Particularly MGS4 and Uncharted 2.) my mind was totally and utterly blown. However, upon reflection I realized their stories aren't particularly unique, (I'm a heavy reader.) but their presentations are so damn spectacular that it was comparable to some of the best MOVIES I've ever seen. There's no logical reason...The best reason I can give is that the games' stories just didn't stick with me as much as the others.
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kevnb  +   884d ago
meh, Planescape Torment, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy vi, Diablo, Super Mario Brothers 3, Half life 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, world of warcraft, grand theft auto san andreas. I havent got far enough in the last of us to make a judgement yet.. but Halo, pfft.
blitzburns4  +   884d ago
Fair enough. I was just typing out my random thoughts as I thought them. (Thus why my post is so random.)
AfterThought  +   884d ago
People still play Deathmatch? I stopped cause of all the god damn bot rooms.
kingPoS  +   883d ago
Ah man now I'm fired up to play my PS3 copy of The Orange Box again.
Rifkens  +   883d ago
Shit my pants when G-man's mug was plastered over the article :(

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