Entertainment Fuse l New Super Luigi U (DLC) Review: The Year of Luigi

New Super Mario Bros. U was released the same day as the Wii U’s launch as one of the first games to get for Nintendo’s latest console. While it felt just like another iteration in the New Super Mario Bros. series with another batch of levels and new power-ups, there were some neat ideas with the game’s other modes with the challenges and boost rush. The potential of DLC with this game was also something adding more of these challenges and boost rush levels, but unfortunately that never happened. Instead of tiny pieces of DLC, Nintendo decided to release a full expansion of the game simply called New Super Luigi U. In honor of the Year of Luigi, Mario’s brother takes center stage in the same overworld as the main game, but with a complete set of new and challenging levels to beat. If you thought New Super Mario Bros. U was too easy, then this DLC is perfectly for you with shorter yet difficult levels.

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