The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 20% bigger than Skyrim

Behindgames writes:More details revealed for the upcoming open world RPG video game "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" by the official German playstation blog.

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Kalowest1937d ago

And the world's actually fulled stuff to do!!!

Xof1937d ago

Man, I just don't know what to think. Withcer 2 from Witcher 1 gave us a much smaller world with sidequests that were a lot less interesting (mostly fetch-quests, whereas W1 had a lot of side-quests involving cool Polish monsters)... and from what they've said, that "stuff to do" they're filling the game with will be a lot like RDR--divided between "quests" and "encounters," which makes me think of the wonky semi-random crap that RDR and Skyrim would generate that just doesn't add that much to the game.

I mean, I'm hopeful, don't get me wrong, but enough was lost getting us the better combat in Witcher 2 to make me worry about Witcher 3. What, exactly, will be sacrificed to make so large a world?

TechnicianTed1937d ago

The most impressive game shown at E3.

chris13gt1937d ago

And 100% better than Skyrim.

Lionsguard1937d ago

I haven't played Witcher 2 yet and I'm still halfway through the first one. So I'm not sure if they changed it in the Witcher 2 but I am not a fan of the fight mechanics in the first game. I'm hoping it's different in the third one.

chris13gt1937d ago

TW2 combat mechanics tottaly changed,in relation with ΤW1,way better.

Xof1937d ago

Witcher 2 has better combat mechanics (basically it's a real-time action game instead of a rhythm game) and better visuals, but inferior quest and level design (small areas, lots of fetch quest, fewer crazy-monsters).

From all that's been said (i.e. marketing) it seems Witcher 3 will give us the best of both prior games without any of the lesser elements, but who knows how different the actual product they sell us will be from what they're saying now.

ElementX1937d ago

Skyrim is open world, the Witcher games have walls and it feels like walking through corridors made out of trees.

Pintheshadows1937d ago

And The Witcher 3 is open world as well so i'm not sure of your point. Yes, the first 2 are not open world, but we are talking about 3.

Summons751937d ago

Yeah that's correct. First two are focused on the story 3 will be (hopefully) focus on story and open world. Reading the books, the lore in the Whichter world is great and would translate perfectly into an open world game (at least in my head) so I'm sure Cdpr will do fine.

ElementX1937d ago

Yeah I suppose you're right. I forgot 3 will be open world.

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