The Six Game Heroines You Love, but Would Hate in Real Life

Calin Ciabai writes an article about who'd turn into monsters into Real Life - from Lara Croft to Princess Peach!

"These girls are sexy, they're hot and they have an instant drooling effect on any human male, level 15-80, who is watching them. These are the same girls who made you love them the way only a game-geek can love: truly, madly, deeply. However, they have one big flaw: they are game characters. They are not real, they are just a bunch of sexy pixels hugging each other, with only one goal in mind: to be perfect. And, boy, they're really successful on that matter!"

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firelogic3709d ago

The list is ok I suppose but that isn't Claire Redfield, it's Ada Wong!!

Reibooi3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

List kinda made me laugh it seems they didn't even really dig that deep to make this list really good and then on top of that they have a picture of Ada Wong instead of Clair Redfield.

stile043709d ago

Eh/okay article. I smirked at the ada wong muck up though. nubs.

SlyGuy3709d ago

Lara Croft sweaty and smelly is still hotter than most women imo.

In fact, the sweaty part may give her a nice sheen


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