No DRM, No 24hr check in for Xbox One, Will Microsoft change it back once they get us to buy?

Microsoft’s announcement, No DRM, NO 24 hour check in was huge news when it broke, a backtracking “heard ’round the world” if you will, which prompted the gaming community to dub the Xbox One the “Xbox One-80″ of course feeling very appropriate because of the 180 degree turn that the company took in regards to their policies.

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Prcko1996d ago

but time will tell

Hatsune-Miku1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

i believe microsoft will implement drm policies once they have a certain install base on xbox one and to think its impossible would be idiocy. i dont mind drm policies because i buy all my games new but i can see how itll affect a lot of people. i prefer the ps4 and will get it first day because of the more factually powerful hardware over the xbox one and wii u and the history of playstation making the most high quality exclusive games.

Tctczach1996d ago

Please provide a list of all the highest rated exclusives in comparison to Microsoft, PC, and Nintendo since it is factual, please.

CoolBeansRus1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

They cant, they will get sued. Dumb article.

That's like selling people a car with no restrictions, and then one day saying,
"ohh to drive the car further you have to come into the dealership every day",
business doesn't work that way.

This article does one thing right, it makes trolls happy.

kma2k1996d ago

@CoolBeansRus dont forget buying xboxone you cannot sue them, & they could hide behind all things are subject to change.

It sounds like a bunch of BS but i wouldnt put it past them!

iceman061996d ago

@CoolBeansRus...the Terms Of Service agreement has in it a clause which prevents Class Action suits. You are welcome to try to sue MS on your own...good luck with that. Ultimately, you will probably end up stuck with whatever MS decides.

BitbyDeath1996d ago

I thought that at first on the grounds of the internet connection changes but turns out the Xbone still needs an internet connection to get the patch so no lawsuit will be viable since every buyer will have a internet connection.

As for used games, that was done this gen with the online side of things so that won't play either.

slazer1011996d ago

I'm curious. On the 24 hr check thing that they say they are getting rid of. Couldn't they just make the 24 check in the background and you would never know it? Just askin.

S2Killinit1996d ago

@ Tctczach
you act like you've been living under a rock. Haven't you noticed? Microsoft has not had a decent (non gear/halo/Forza) exclusive since like 3 years ago. They only support core gamers during the buying period, then they focus on casuals. Heck, their "gaming" console reveal should tell you something. But I guess, if you didn't notice the lack of games, then you probably wouldn't notice the signs of whats to come for xbone now. As long as you can continue to not notice, you can live happy not knowing what you're missing out on. cheers.

Hatsune-Miku1996d ago

microsoft have been planning the xbox one and its features for the past 6 or so years and they had to scrap their plans at the last minute to appease a lot of people and stop the negative opinions. there are thousands of man-hours put into the xbox ones drm plans and the infrastructure was in place and some are still in place. xbox one extremists are too ignorant to see there is a big possibility that microsoft is just biding time in order to implement their drm policies again.

the xbox one that will be launching this year isnt the xbox one microsoft have been planning for years. which xbox one would microsoft rather to support for the next six years, the xbox one theyve been planning for six years or the one where they are now planning since one week ago and the xbox will be releasing in another four months? these xbox extremists are silly.

ps4 has been in the works for six years so i expect a smooth launch because theyve been planning it, xbox one on the other hand i dont have faith in since its basically back tracking on a lot of things theyve been working on for over six years.

JoySticksFTW1996d ago

Nah, you won't be able to sue MS supposedly due to the ToS.

And while I don't think MS would re-flip the switch, I'm not exactly sure they won't.

I was glad MS reversed their crappy anti-consumer policies, but since then it seems they've lost their way. Some call it the Xbox 180, but it's more like the Xbox MeToo!!

Xbox used to have their pulse on what the core audience and developers want, but since MS went full overlord mode to drag us into their vision of the future and failed, they've been in straight copy cat mode.

EVERYthing Sony is doing with the PS4, MS is now implementing. Like EVERYTHING it seems. Xbox division were innovators, but since abandoning their original plans for X1 they don't know what to do.

With no clear vision, all that's left is to "brute force" their way forward; unleash the MS check book. Buy timed dlc, and buy some time to try to come up with a back up plan for a system that doesn't know where to go from here.

Sony has a clear vision for PS4 this gen, while MS is still trying to sort themselves out.

Tctczach1996d ago

@S2Killinit. Did I specify a console? No I did not. I have played mostly all of the exclusive for playstation and Microsoft for a while now. It just pisses me off when people say stuff like "literally" or "factually" with no evidence or facts to support their claims. While I don't play nintendo or pc nearly as much as the other 2 I understand there have been a few great games to cross their platforms. Also, Microsofts' third party games were extremely better developed and I could also talk to people who were playing different games than I. I don't get where you get the living under a rock reference though.

TheOneEyedHound1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )


Gears of War series vs Uncharted series: Winner Uncharted

Banjo & Conker Xbox series vs Jak & daxter & Ratchet & clank: WINNER Jak & Ratchet's series

Forza vs Grand Turismo: WINNER Grand Turismo

Knights of the old republic Vs Shadow of The Colossus: DRAW

Halo series Vs Killzone Series: WINNER Halo Series

Dead Rising Vs The Last of Us: WINNER The Last of Us

Crackdown series Vs Infamous series

I got nothing agiants Nintendo I love them but they can use new IP's and I'll try to compare a single franchise.

Mario Series vs LittleBigPlanet: WINNER Mario Series

Metroid series Vs Resistance Series: WINNER Metroid Series

Zelda series Vs Ico: WINNER Zelda series

Super Smash Bros Vs Playstation All-Stars: WINNER Super Smash Bros

Pikmin vs Journey: Draw

I prefer Sony Exclusives to those of PC's, but PC has way to much to compare.

Sony exclusives I didn't name.

Metal Gear Solid 1 & 4
Demon's Souls
God of War Series
Heavenly Sword
Resident Evil 1 and 2
Final fantasy 7,8,9,10
Kingdom hearts 1 & 2

Ah to much to name.....

I can name platform vs platform exclusives.

Playstation Vs Xbox: Playstation dominates this battle by far.
Playstation vs Nintendo: I give the edge to Playstation by a little
Playstation vs PC: some of the best PC games are on other platforms also, I like Sony's exclusives much more than Pc's.

Tctczach1996d ago

Yeah. Opinions sure are nice. And while I do agree with some, it is simply opinion. And alot are not even comparable. KOTR and Shadows? Not even close.

The_Con-Sept1995d ago

@Tctzact Final Fantasy 7. The Last of Us, Gran Turismo 4, Metal Gear Solid, Twisted Metal Black.

These games not only sold well but are also from different genres. When it comes to Microsoft the first three games on their so called "AAA" list are all in the shooter category. Wether its TPS or FPS. It says a lot about the Xbox lineups.

greenlantern28141995d ago

uncharted2 won more awards then any game of this maybe any generation. TLOU out shines anything on xbox360, or wiiu
every one knows that sony pumps out exclusives year after year. i will give you that nintendo makes good games but some times has big gaps in between release and ms seems to have given up on 360 already

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Mr_Nuts1996d ago

Once they get a fanbase for the Xbox One and make a profit they'll revert back to what they were going to do.

They did it with the 360, they nurtured us with support, games, impressive believable PR stuff and then once they knew how much money they could make off the newly established causal audience Nintendo brought in they were like "Ahhhhh...f*** em" and with Kinect onwards they've just been a massive disappointment to the gaming they don't want to be part of it anymore and the Xbox One reveal proved that.

I just hate how they are trying to turn the gaming industry into a shadow of it's former self just for their greedy selfish reasons.

The only reason they havent got out is because they make too much money, especially with Halo but with their being a TV series you never know they could continue with TV series, films and even other forms of media if the series does well

sAVAge_bEaST1996d ago

Reputation Management giving you down votes,.. huh? weak- straight truth

omi25p1996d ago

The Sale of Goods act means it is ILLEGAL for them to do that.

febreeze11996d ago

Well technically when buying it, the drm is on until you connect it to the internet lol

brich2331996d ago

Thier new polices were for disc based games, they simply are keeping them they way that they are now! Digital downloads will have thier Restrictions via DRM. They never said they eliminated it.

dark-hollow1996d ago

There is no way ms will do this.

Do you forget that the Xbox one is "probably" not ms last console? If they revert to the DRM the backlash would be even bigger and people won't buy their next console no matter what they do.

RM-TatoTiburon1996d ago

i don't think so, they probably saw what happened to sony after they remove linux support

imdaboss11996d ago

xbone will be a brick its when will it happen..if sony crushing them ill give them 2 years..

Krew_921996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )


That whole list doesn't really answer Tctczach's question.

That is ALL an opinion, some would actually prefer the games you listed as winners to others. There is simply no way of finding out which console has the "best" exclusive games, it's far too opinionated of a question and answer to begin with.

I would say I agree with you since I'm a PlayStation PC gamer, but that's just another shared opinion by people who already agreed to the same thing in the beginning and means nothing. While an Xbox 360 gamer would disagree wholeheartedly to MOST of what we say.

As to Tctczach's questions I can answer your question with facts, but I can try and explain that Sony had the most in a shorter time frame that the Xbox 360 and only the 360. The PC easily doubles the amount and has the most exclusives of any console, that I can say is a fact, and can be confirmed by searching the internet.

JetsFool35001996d ago

That'll be the dirtiest move in video game history if they bring drm & 24hr check in back

BallsEye1995d ago

I will get one for sure. It seems like the machine got a lot to offer. In next gen, I look for innovation and new ways of experience, not just more ram and teraflops (my PC still beats the crap out of both next gen consoles. I believe MS has higher chance to show us something new. (let the disagree marathon begin!)

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jc485731996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

that would be f-up if they did. Man, I'm not going to buy any next gen consoles yet. I still need to finish all the games for this current gen.

NYC_Gamer1996d ago

I doubt MS would add back features that stopped people from buying X1 in the first place...That would be suicide business wise since people would trade in/not buy X1 anymore.

imdaboss11996d ago

u always taking the risk with xbone because its already build within it..they can release anytime they bet is not to buy one at all..just get the ps4

FrightfulActions1996d ago

Not for a while they won't. Give it a year or two and they'll start subtley pushing them back out though. Though its possible some games will be built to need the "cloud" even for singleplayer. Which will in turn require internet.

They did say you wouldn't need internet for 'offline games' not 'singleplayer games'. Many would argue that the two should be considered one and the same but perhaps with this 'cloud' business they will force even singleplayer games to be technically 'online' inorder to function properly.