Manufacturing Discussion: Ken Levine Reflects on BioShock Infinite

In the three months since it launched, BioShock Infinite has been called many things. Ken Levine, creative director, says he's pleased with the response.

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Wni01971d ago

Ken, cool plot for infinite - But next time have gameplay variation other than just walkable cutscenes and shooting people in the face.

adorie1971d ago

He is SUCH a cutie!! *Muah - Ken!*

BlackTar1871971d ago

Hey Ken,

pelase just drop us a line on when the DLC is expected game came out in may i believe early may maybe and you have said nothing. Say end of summer couple months. Hell 2043 at least throw us a fricken bone on when we can expect to reenter the verse

adorie1971d ago

I know what you mean. My perfect completion of Infinite on Steam is no longer, because more achievements are hanging on it. (placeholders) :(

thatsthespirit1971d ago

Jesus Christ you are all stupid

FaSCoRP1970d ago

Still waiting for history DLC (not just the weapons and such)