How To Play The Last Of Us Like A Professional

Want to play The Last of Us the way a professional would? Then take a gander at these invaluable tips that are in no way meant to be funny.

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LOL yea that was so funny!

ZodTheRipper1974d ago

Going by this article I'm already a professional lol

ArchangelMike1974d ago

Hilarious article is too true. :)

wishingW3L1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

this makes no sense. On most of the points discussed the n00b handles it better than the pro. Is this a joke?

awesomeperson1974d ago

And I have to say I'm guilty of basically every point :/

Ray1861973d ago

As I was reading it I came to the same conclusion.

TheEvilWithin1974d ago

I'm almost finished with my survivor+ difficulty and almost have all the single player trophies. Love The Last Of Us. I have barely used any med packs as well lol.

ZodTheRipper1974d ago

Me too but who cares? lol
Just enjoy the article.

Salooh1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

This is my stat:.
(Hard difficulty)
-Completed it in 15 hours
-Accuracy 70%
-Died a lot.

(Survival Difficulty)
-Completed it in 11 hours
-Accuracy 75%
-Died 10 times / killed 723

Wanna know what you guys did :) , I also turned off everything that makes the games easy like listen mode..

QUNE1974d ago

I played the game on easy mode and had fun because it was easy.... that's what it's all about for me. Maybe next time through I will go normal mode.

Salooh1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Yea, a lot of people do that which is ok but i always seek for challenge in great gameplay. It makes me more satisfied when i finish it. If you really want to experience what the developers made , play the games on hardest difficulty immediately after buying them , this game is about surviving so the harder it get the better experience you get . That way you learn how to play and you actually think when you play not only watch the story..

Anyway , to each his own way to enjoy games so if you don't enjoy the challenge then it's alright. Games should be fun so anyone can play them the way they want. There is no right way to play games :P ..

trenso11974d ago

ive completed it on normal and normal+ i started survivor but put it on hold to do easy+ to finish all the collectibles and upgrades.

Kinger89381974d ago

Lol that first point is exactly what i did at every section, made sure i didnt progress until i had seen as much of the current section as possible :)

vikingland11974d ago

Funny article I read his other one about Tomb Raider too. Had a good laugh on that one also.

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