Top 5 Xbox 360 Games still to come in 2013

First installment of Top 5 Games still to come in 2013.

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2pacalypsenow1637d ago

These aren't really XBOX 360 games since they are coming out on every know platform

NorthernClover1637d ago

Totally agreed, but there really aren't any good exclusives for the 360 coming out this year.

That being said, if you only own a 360 then it doesn't really matter if the game is multi-platform. The downside is that this makes my PS3 list pretty similar to this one.

Speed-Racer1637d ago

I gotta agree with you on that. If it were the PS3, then 2pacalypsenow's point would be more applicable, but can't say I'm too impressed with the remaining line up on 2013 exclusives.

Utalkin2me1637d ago

Really you don't have, Beyond two souls, GT6 or Rain in your top 5 for PS3?

HammadTheBeast1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Not excited for Beyond or GT6 or Puppetter?

NorthernClover1636d ago

Nah I have Beyond and GT6, but still, 3 out of 5 is still similar was the point I was getting at

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NegativeCreepWA1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Hmm, I'm pretty sure if it gets released on the 360, it's still considered a 360 game.

vikingland11636d ago

Yes but still the headline should have been top 5 multi platform games.

2pacalypsenow1636d ago

Yeah but the headline makes it sound like its only coming to xbox 360.
It should "Top % games that are still coming to xbox 360 in 2013 "

BX811636d ago

I agree, if he was talking about multiple systems but he's only talking about the 360. Either way a decent list considering the next gen is upon us.

Upbeat1636d ago

@ 2pacalypsenow
been the same story since halo 3 LOL

Veneno1636d ago

Based on this list of games, they should have just named the article "360 is dead."

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bohangirl841637d ago

I'm definitely most excited about Splinter Cell and GTA V and I'm glad they will hold me over until the release of the new consoles.

NegativeCreepWA1637d ago

Yeah, those are the last two games I'll be buying this gen.

brandonw001637d ago

I think I'm going to get a PS3 for GTA V. That game will have to be on multiple discs for the 360.

GusBricker1637d ago

Isn't the Fable 1 remake coming out this year?

CaulkSlap1637d ago

Funny how aside from the latest Halo and Gears, 360 has been dead in the water for exclusives the last few years. Still gets plenty of games, but considering you can play them elsewhere it's quite apparent which company to go with for the next gen. Same multiplats, yet quality exclusives right up until the next console.

BX811636d ago

Yeah not to many exclusives but they stayed in the fight with good online service and a bunch of live arcade games. I was telling my bro the other day. This gen the 360 is where I did most of my gaming. The system to me was more stream lined, easy to use and has a huge online community. In the end I have a greater appreciation for my PS3. It has some much needed work online but the exclusives looked great and played the same as well. There was a point where i didn't even touch my ps3 for 6 months. It just sat there collecting dust. In the end for me it delivered some classic games. Heavy Rain, Uncharted 1-3, GOW3/4 and TLOU. I'm also expecting beyond two souls to be great. Those games alone are enough for me to justify my purchase.

CaulkSlap1636d ago

I agree. 360 was definitely the superior system up until about 2009. But in the last few years Sony has caught up in features and vastly surpassed 360 in exclusive games. This time the gap in online service will likely be negligible. There's just a lot better track record of Sony delivering exclusive games in the long term.

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