The Xbox One Vs. PS4 Headset War Begins

Last week, after Microsoft's DRM reversal put it on more equal footing with the PlayStation 4, we took a fresh look at the differences between the two, but we missed one incredibly important feature — headsets. The PlayStation 4 comes with a mono headset. The Xbox One comes with none.

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xHeavYx1633d ago

I'm just glad I'll be able to use my $250 headset on my PS4 and not have to buy a new one

aceitman1633d ago

ok so in other words spend more money buy a head set cause if u don't , everyone in the room or the room next door will hear the crazy people that curse and scream like crazy . what a joke , ms use we have a head set in everybox against ps3 and now look . flipity flopity yes u do ms. and its not right for gamers .

tigertom531632d ago

this video 2:55 into the video shows what the new Kinect can do about clearing up audio and only focusing on your voice as well as only listening to the player talking and nothing else....

Heartnet1632d ago

Lol there mono headset with the worse ear piece ever will not be used by many and if it is i think it will be of low quality..

have you seen it? they didnt even make the ear piece have that piece of rubber to make it stay in ear slightly comfy......

and yeh kinect can act as a microphone but havng voices coming through TV will be terrible xD but kinect mic will be better than that sony piece of garbage xD

aceitman1632d ago

@ tigertom53 what I am mainly talking about is using Kinect as a headset other people in the room or the room next to u will hear all the cursing and dumb stuff people say over the Kinect speaker or tv wherever the sound from who is talking in game.

The_Con-Sept1632d ago

@heartnet. The PS Eye already does that with its directional microphone. plus over 40% of PS3 users bought the official PS Bluetooth headset. Then another 20% of users have their own bluetooths that are not the official one paired with the PS3. Then then another 15% have the PS Eye like I do for Mic chat.

The kinect will be the same as the PS Eye. It will try to only listen to you, but the instant it loses track of you it will catch the dogs bark.

JamieL1632d ago

Dude you can say that all you want, but I have not used a headset since I bought Kinect. It works great, but I do see your point about everybody being able to hear the conversations, that is a drawback if there are people around to hear it. I tend to play alone most the time and if anyone is watching me, they more than likely can handle little punks with dirty mouths. I guess my point is Kinect works great as a mic, and it IS in every box.

Dee_911632d ago

I already have a pulse headset so this doesnt really effect me

Why would you need a stereo output with one earbud?Its not like all of the audio from the game is going through that mono output its only the voices from other players.

darren_poolies1632d ago

Oh so you've used and tried it out have you?

loulou1632d ago

meh,i have an astro mixamp and sennhieser pc360s for gaming with my pals, and a set of akg q701s for when i want to play on my own.

i will just buy the new adaptor cable that astro will release very soon

abzdine1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

seems like i can use whatever headset brand on PS4! that's another +1 for PlayStation!

Death1632d ago

it's a plus if all headsets have the same audio quality. PS3 and PC is a mixed bag at times since there are so many different sets that dont have the consistancy many desire.

gedapeleda1632d ago

well xbone does look to have a better headset, the one on ps4 looks like cheap shait you get with a phone.

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Crazay1633d ago

Ya I'm more than a lil pissed about my $350 headset and it's non compliance with XBoxOne as of now. I think TurtleBeach is going to make an adapter though.

In all honesty, though...if I had to take a standard blutooth headset vs a wired one like in the picture, Blutooth wins out every time.

Goddammit TB - I need an adapter.

BattleTorn1633d ago

Same with Astros!

I don't really place blame on MS, cause what do they care if our 3rd-party headset don't work...

But the 3rd-party companies that sold them to us should be talking to MS for us

HammadTheBeast1633d ago

Pretty sure this is exactly what MS and the headset companies were aiming for, it forces you to buy a new mic, and in turn more money for them.

Crazay1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )


I put the blame equally on both sides of that conversation. MS for not adding blutooth to the system and the manufacturers for being dinks and not supporting those of us who plunked down some serious $$$ for their wares in the past year or 2.

Mostly it's a lame ass ploy to sell more units but if you think about it, selling a simple adapter for say...$35 probably has a higher gross margin than a whole new headset. Also, proving to your current customer base that you have their backs it builds customer brand loyalty. Why can't these idiots get that in their goddamn heads?

NegativeCreepWA1633d ago

I'm glad it doesn't support bluetooth, I of my biggest gripes about multi player on the PS3 is the lack of noise cancellation in nearly every mic, except the official one. The amount of background noise in games is annoying.

LackTrue4K1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

lol...even if you did go with a Bluetooth headset, your out of luck...cuz XboxOne does not support Bluetooth!

just another way to count each penny out of there customers...

@ NegativeCreepWA.
what backgound noise, if there is background sounds its cuz another online player is using an open mic like an Eyetoy/Kincets and its catches the sound off his speakers.

Crazay1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )


thanks for the insight tips...without you to explain to us the lack of something about the Xbox One that we were already speaking of, I don't know what we'd do without you.

You clearly are the most interesting man in the world. us all a favor and move along.

admiralvic1633d ago

@ BattleTorn

They do care, since you can't run a successful business just thinking of yourself. Some people like these headsets and there has been a number of Xbox exclusive (same with PS, so they're not special) headsets because there is a market for it. If anything, the lack of that ability might sway some people, which M$ can't really afford with the higher price to begin with.

@ HammadTheBeast

Unlikely, since it would only work once and people are going to gain / lose trust off of how each company handles the change. Like if Astro can accomplish the change with a firmware update, TB can do it with a 10 dollar adaptor (omg, their evil plan was successful at gaining my $10 dollars. Oh no!) and Mad Cats / Tritton says you're SOL... well guess which company is going to get trashed and praised going forward.

Anyway, if companies wanted people to update their headsets, they would just push for more licensed special editions. Like Sony probably got a few people that were never interested in headsets thinking about the GTA V ones, since they supposedly offer the best GTA sound experience. Same with the CoD fans and so on and so forth.

NegativeCreepWA1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Actually bluetooth mics are always open both ways like using a phone, if you played on both services as much as I have you'd notice the difference in the amount background noise.

The only exception is the official Sony bluetooth mic that has noise cancellation built into it.

Fluke_Skywalker1632d ago

The Sony one is not the only one with noise cancellation many Bluetooth headsets have it. It's just that most people use cheap guff they bought for their phone 10 years ago.
All new decent Bluetooth headsets have noise cancellation.

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GT671633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

"HEAD SET WAR" really??

why dose it even matter anymore???

it is a online communication device only, non greater than the other by MS or SONY.

Stryfeno21632d ago

But fanboys don't care...they will turn anything into a war.I'm guessing next it will the paint quality between both consoles.

ABizzel11633d ago

There are a lot of things to compare and debate about, but which headset is better isn't something anyone should care about. That being said as the article mentions it's still surprising that the X1 doesn't come with a headset considering the backlash Sony got for not having one from PS fans and 360 fans, but let's see if they'll treat MS the same.


Completely agree, there's no excuse for M$ not allowing Blue Tooth syncing so you can keep your current headset. It's nothing but greed and trying to make money for themselves and their partners at the COMPLETE expense of the consumer.

JamieL1632d ago

Why would MS put 2 ways to communicate in the box? You can use Kinect and it works fine. If there is an easy way to communicate in the box, why would you add another?

ABizzel11632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Because the integrated mic in camera has NEVER worked thus far. It's nothing but horrible feedback, and eventually a feedback loop is created and you'll everyone will be screaming cut your mic off.

Also if anyone else in is the room Kinect will pick up their voices and conversation.

On a potential aggravating note, what if someone says "Xbox Off" during the middle of the game and turns everyone system off using voice commands.

It's just not the right thing to do, and they should have used Blue Tooth so people could continue using their current headsets.

Just another of the many reasons to go with PlayStation first this generation and see how things go for M$ and Nintendo, or when to upgrade my PC.

JamieL1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Again, I've been using Kinect for communication since it came out and NONE of the stuff you just listed has EVER happened to me.
Also you say "It's nothing but greed and trying to make money for themselves and their partners "

Well why the hell is Sony charging for MP now?, something the Xbox has ALWAYS been bashed by your kind for. That’s just Sony giving the gamers what they want right?

News flash: These COMPANIES are in it for the money fool. Stop acting like only MS is driven by greed. This world is driven by greed, and stupidity apparently.

ABizzel11630d ago

I've seen the Kinect feedback loop in action, so maybe you have your Kinect in a separate location away from the TV; however, that's not the case for some people.

The Kinect does pick up audio from everyone in the room, and worse of all it forces ALL audio to come through the TV.

Sony admitted they're charging for multiplayer to improve their servers and prepare for Gaikai support. And since you want to go there, EVERYTHING else is still FREE. Want to play MMO's online FREE because they're not included in "Multiplayer", want to download use web browser FREE, Cross Game chat FREE, Netflix access FREE, F2P games FREE, EVERYTHING is still free besides games that label themselves as MULTIPLAYER, and best of all all accounts on that PS4 will have access to the same PS+ benefits, and it's not like PS+ just gives you online.

Yes all these companies are in it for money, but a company that succeeds is one that offers a product and service consumers feel is worth their dollar.

But again you went completely off topic, as this was about mics and Kinect, not Sony's business practices.

JamieL1627d ago

Look you can justify any of the cons I listed just like I can discredit the pro's you listed in our own heads, I mean what's the point. Bottom line is businesses are in it to make money, and right now MS is better at it. Disagree with that.

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RM-TatoTiburon1632d ago

i'll wait for a wireless headset wifidirect

WeskerChildReborned1632d ago

Doesn't PS4 come with a headset? At least it's convenient for people with no headsets but i agree, i'll be using my headset as well.


The XBOX ONE does not even come with a headset out the box so this is not even a fair contest. Xbox forces you to use KENECT as your speaker! But you cant hear teammates with kenect!

JamieL1632d ago

Bullshit, yes you can. Any settings you use on the 360 headsets, are usable with Kinect. Where did you come up with this? It's strait up incorrect. I've been using Kinect since it came out, in place of my headset, and I can always talk to my teammates, even mute the other team and only talk-hear my teammates. The ONLY difference is everyone in the room can hear the people talking. Stop spreading incorrect fud.

BallsEye1632d ago

I'm glad all the headsets for x1 are the same high quality headset. It's perfectly clean sound and there is no background noises. I will never forget playing killzone on ps3 where people are able to use any random headset. I couoldn't stand it! Dogs barking, people walking,eating, babies crying, whatever, so many background noises and crap quality it made me turn off voice communication completely. Sony should force only high quality headsets.

CRMzova1632d ago

hell yea im gonna be using my PX5s mono just wont cut it in today's sound and voice standards

TAURUS-5551632d ago

no headsets limitations on the i can use any brand...just wow...thats huge from sony.

no doubt the PS4 is pounding the xbox1.

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Software_Lover1633d ago

.......... I bubbled you up. If that were the headline I would have crapped in a bag and mailed it to them.

iceman061633d ago

@Software_Love and JC_Denton...I bubbled you BOTH up. JC, because that would be just about right! Software_Love because you might just be on to something!!!

vikingland11633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

It's ridiculous ain't it? next they will have wars over which console has the blackest black case.

StockpileTom1633d ago

Well it IS Kotaku you could still do that anyway.

Software_Lover1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

I........... I.......... I just cant believe it.

***site added to my favorites for the future***

Popoffboy1877181633d ago

No war with the headset u gotta buy that. The real war- ps4 ear bud vs kinect

Godmars2901633d ago

A few sites have tried to push Kinect versus PSeye4, automatically giving it to Kinect.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31633d ago

That earbud looks like it'll be thrown in the trash.

NegativeCreepWA1633d ago

I know, that ear bud looks like crap, I'll be using my 360 mics with the PS4. Ear buds without rubber inserts are extremely uncomfortable.

Of course everyone here will defend the piece of junk.

StockpileTom1633d ago

Pulse Elite... isn't that enough? It's the longest lasting headset for me; all the wired ones break within a few months of use heavy use.

febreeze11633d ago

The original pulse for me lasted 2 years. Broke down last week while the last of us headset deal at gamestop was on lol

kingPoS1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

The original may be a dust magnets, but their very very durable. The pulse elites, I love how you can take them anywhere like regular headphones and not worry about looking out place.

The hidden mike helps out a lot to keep you from being stared at when in public. lol