GameInformer- Project X Zone Review – Guest Stars Take Center Stage

GI:In the movie Anchorman, the Channel 4 news crew ends up in a back alley after getting lost. A team of news anchors from another channel shows up and incites a brawl. Right before they start fighting, other groups of competing anchors and news channels show up, each led by notable comedians and actors in surprise cameos. Chaos breaks loose, sparking an all-out TV news gang war. Every stage of Project X Zone feels like that scene.

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brewin1972d ago

This game is strangely addicting! I wish it was more of an RPG so I could walk around these environments and the story is the weak part so far, but the battles are just so much fun! I have been having a blast timign my attacks just right and trying to nail every hit possible. There is a lot of startegy to the timing of your attacks to ensure the most damage. The amount of characters from awesome franchises packed in here is astounding! Id give it a solid 8. I have never been into SRPGs but this may make me check some of them out. The bonuses in the limited first run are pretty sweet too. If you are on the fnece about this I would go snag one while you still can!