Fire Emblem Sets Industry Standards For Gender Equality

CCC says: "There are no damsels in distress in the Fire Emblem series. OK, so that’s hyperbole, there are plenty of women and men who need rescuing throughout each game’s campaign. The important thing is, while there are people who need to be saved, the series, as a whole, has been pretty good at championing equality. The cast is quite well rounded, with strong male and female characters teaming up to work together and save the world."

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jc485731998d ago

Nintendo is the publisher of the series btw.

-Mika-1998d ago

So the author is just going to ignore alot of important games that came before it that set gender equality. Tomb Raider, heavy rain and many more games had strong female leads and strong male leads. This game doesn't set anything. In 10 years, alot of people might not even remember it.

exfatal1997d ago

OOOhhh you just hate the fact that nintendo's getting praised eh? All that butt hurt must make it hard for you to sit and chill out.

ShaunCameron1997d ago

So did Metroid. And I take that you must be young.

3-4-51997d ago

Yea Growing up in the 90's Tomb Raider was everywhere and it was mostly guys playing it but still it was cool that the ladies had a female character that could at the very least hang with the guys and often enough was better than most male characters.

I've never even played a Tomb Raider game, but I respect the series a lot.

Dagobert1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Almost every female character in this game constantly cooks for someone when you do that relationship shit. Anyone who's played it knows what I mean.

Oh and yay more feminism articles...

exfatal1997d ago

umm i played it. and i honestly cant remember such scenes examples please? I've played it and if you got this there's a scene with Morgan and she forces Owain to cook for her. Im racking my brain trying to think of all these female characters u see cooking for them. hell even Cordellia (i think thats how u spell it) is a prime example of a strong female character.

Dagobert1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Play the game long enough and you'll come across the scenes where female characters are mention their cooking. Hell even Sumia mentions cooking and dishes and whatnot.

Also real talk, Pikachu sucks.

exfatal1997d ago

Alright.. i can see u obviously trolling -_-' i played and beat the game, and Sumia might be the only one who does too since she was the motherly/shy type. U make it sound like women aren't allowed to mention cooking or it automatically makes it a game that shits on equality.. you my trolly friend sound really sexist.. yea no longer wanna continue a discussion with u good day, and i hope u get you're views on gender equality figured out

"Also real talk, Pikachu sucks"

Dagobert1996d ago

If I'm a troll then you're a furry. Also it's more than one female character. You obviously didn't understand the game because it seems you're a kid from your replies on this page. Did you know that the characters have sex and only then can they have a kid? So it's just like real life, women can only have kids when they have sex with a male and he ejaculates into her. Some say a woman can get pregnant from swallowing semen but that's actually not true.

I'm sure you'll learn these things this coming school year in your elementary school. Now you be brave when that time comes little stormtrooper. Kids might laugh or think it's gross but having sex with an attractive person of the opposite sex is actually a pretty good feeling.

You getting the new Pokeman games?

Anthotis1997d ago

This should make all the self loathing beta males happy for a while.