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Dan Kelley gives an in-depth look at the new D-Link Wireless AC Gaming Router in this exclusive interview from Pepcom 2013 in New York City.

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jagiii1996d ago

This looks like a cool way to enhance gaming at home.

vitz31996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

"...enhance gaming at home." Lol, clever choice in wording.

The amount of latency your home router introduces to the travel time of a packet on the Internet is extremely minimal and almost entirely insignificant. If you have two computers on the same LAN, ping the other, what's the latency for your response? Easily under 5ms. Once the packet is routed outside your network it's beyond your control and no consumer router in your house can change that. "Gaming" routers are bullshit they're like the "gaming" network cards back in the day.

All a router can do is pay attention to the type of packet that's being routed and assign a priority based of the ToS (Type of Service) field. This allows for packets with higher priority to be routed with less impedance across a congested network. Your home network is not a congested network. Even then, the routers down the line have to respect its priority too.

Regardless of whatever tech you shove into a home router, it still has to cross dozens of routers along the way. Most online games (should) wrap their datagrams in UDP packets anyway which are stateless "best-effort" packets. This alone can decrease the latency of your connection by up to ~50% compared to TCP.

Check out RFCs 791 and it's updates 1349 & 2474 for a better explanation.

Crazay1996d ago

That is a hella sweet router...might have to go ahead and order one for myself

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1996d ago

I have the 4500, and have had it for years now. great router. this one looks real nice too.

KwietStorm1996d ago

Can anyone tell me settings or tricks to lower the VOIP latency on PS3, specifically Battlefield 3 if that matters. I'm wired to a netgear router.

SniperControl1996d ago

Bought a Asus Dark knight last year, one hell of a router for gaming.

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