Forza 5 Gameplay

Amazing first-look gameplay from Forza Motorsports 5.

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WorldGamer1971d ago

Looks great, wonder how it will compare to Drive Club on the PS4. And I know they are different types of racers, but I'm speaking graphical fidelity.

Hatsune-Miku1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

drive club and forza 5 can be compared because they are both arcade racers. drive club is said to be 35% completed so i cant wait to see the final product. forza 5 looks good so far but the final product should look better because its a next gen game like drive club.

WorldGamer1971d ago

I thought DriveClub was closer to Projec Gotham and Forza 5 was comparable to Gran Turismo.

At least that's how I have heard it explained. You are actually the first person I have read describe otherwise, am I missing something?

1971d ago
iGAM3R-VIII1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

@Hatsune-Miku Even though I like Gt and Forza, you must stop trolling. GT is the same as Forza. They are both legit racers and Driveclub is no where near FOrza, it is only comparable to PGR. Also I own both GT5 and Forza 4 so I know the physics and stuff. Who cares if forza is missing some night feature and offroad but they are the same

BitbyDeath1971d ago

DriveClub is made by some of the guys who made PGR so it wouldn't be surprising if their were similarities.

Utalkin2me1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )


Lol, Forza and Gt are the same. Actually i copied and pasted that comment and posted it on twitter, funniest stuff i have seen on here in a while.

The handling of the vehicles are night and day from each other, which is the main core of a racing game.

How can you compare a game (driveclub) that isn't even out yet, to a game that has had 3 releases (pgr)?

DogtagDuke19921971d ago

See... Gran Turismo strives for perfection and all and that is GREAT...however, they only strive for perfection on some of the cars... reviews all over the web said that more than probably 75% of the cars were not created with insane detail...they said that they resembled cars right out of GT4 visually...and im sorry, but if you are gonna put over a thousand cars in your game... do us a favor and make them look like they should be in the game.

MysticStrummer1971d ago

I'd say Forza is a arcade/sim hybrid, and Drive Club is full on arcade.

Utalkin2me1971d ago


really? You think that is your escape goat? The detail in the cars? The main thing is that it handles like the real thing.

BTW, how many cars forza have? Ohh thats right half of what GT5 has. But it's all good have fun with your arcade racer, i like arcade racers too.

Salooh1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Forza doesn't claim it's a sim , i dunno why people disagree with you .

Forza = Arcady gameplay
Driveclub = Arcady gameplay
Need for speed = Arcady gameplay
GT = Simulator gameplay

I feel sorry for those that think forza is a sim . And to replay at DogTag , Premium cars are confirmed to be for next generation but they included them as a bonus. All the cars play realistic though which is the important thing.

joefrost001971d ago

Forza is a sim racer
Sony forget forza has been rated higher this whole current gen than GT
By everyone I guess MS paid all of them too

tehnoob31971d ago

Forza 4's physics model is a good deal worse than GT'S. Also offroad racing, and weather are integral to racing simulators as they test the driver'a ability to adapt to adverse conditions. Real world drivers need to consider the possibilties. The day and night cycles, and weather give GT5 a significant lead in the simulation department even if you are ignorant of the superior physics model. The better game is, however, F5 with it's superior online integration ease of use,and car customizeability.

guitarded771971d ago

Oh, this argument again... haven't had it since this gen :/

The gameplay looks good. The AI is a bit too aggressive IMO. With some cars spinning out on their own, and one AI racer using a pit maneuver on another AI racer.

Why o why1971d ago

That looked and sounded nice...

Animal Mutha 761971d ago

Forza is NOT an arcade racer. Quit with the flame bait comments. Agree with iGam3r comment that you are trolling.

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NextGen24Gamer1971d ago

Looks Great! Can't wait! November can't come fast enough for me!

adorie1971d ago

Xbones first racer looks great. Can't knock it at all.

Now I want to see Turn10's arch rival on the next-gen display.

horndog1971d ago

Well said. Im looking forward to next gen gt too. Gt 6 should hsd been ps4.

CoryHG1971d ago

I played both at E3 and Forza's handling has greatly improved. DriveClub will be like Grid.

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windblowsagain1971d ago

Forza is not a sim. Seriously people stop talking like it is.

It is an Arcade game with real tracks mixed in with fake ones.

GT Isn't perfect either, but Kaz knows his stuff, and that's one of the reason's people trust him, knowing he races, gt academy.

Forza5 still does not have a day/night/weather cycle wtf.

Driveclub will handle like forza with open world tracks type stuff.

theWB271971d ago

I take it you've never played Forza...that's ok. It's as much a sim as GT.

xPhearR3dx1971d ago

This. I own GT5 and previously owned Forza 4 before I sold my Xbox. The physics are very simular. I play them both exactly the same and get the same results. I've always preferred Forza for one reason. Cockpit views for every car. I ALWAYS use cockpit view, and when I started playing GT5 and got nothing but a pitch black interior with the shape of a windshield on a none-premium car. I wanted to shoot myself in the face. Although, the night time and weather is cool. I really liked that.

Skips1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

This is news to me....

Forza 5 has NO NIGHT RACING, or a freakin WEATHER CYCLE!?!? LMFAO!!!

Wow, just wow. -__-

horndog1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

And still scores higher than gt5. Hey bud, 75% of the gt cars are taken out of gt4 and have no dashes. The worst part is we waited for this game for 6 years and it was still incomplete. Its so realistic driving a car in first person when you cant see your speedometer or even your hands on the steering wheel. Shut your trap now. Your game is far fron perfect and is the reason why every forza game has outscored gt.

Urusernamesucks1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

People should care about that because?...

Honestly dynamic Wheather is just a Bonus, doesnt afect gameplay at all.

Skips1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

"And still scores higher than gt5."

Forza 5 isn't even out yet....

And GT5 came out like what, 3 years ago? So your point... Why are you comparing a title that hasn't even come out yet to a title that came out 3 years ago... -__-

That fact that Forza 5 is a NEXT GEN TITLE... Next gen kiddo... (I'll let that sink in for a moment.......... Done???)

.....that doesn't have night or weather is sad. -___-

Wouldn't be surprised if GT6, (a current gen game) considering they've fixed pretty much, all the things people have complained about.... outscores Forza 5. lol!

"doesnt afect gameplay at all."

GT sim physics >>>>> Forza arcade physics

sGIBMBR1970d ago

Forza this gen took the title, sorry bro!

No need to get salty about it, it is what it is.

Next gen, is game on again!

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Loki861971d ago

Forza works with Top Gear on their physics and handling, how the hell is not a sim?

torchic1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

did you really just say that?

none of the Top Gear presenters, nor researchers are top noch racing drivers.
their Stigs are decently experienced drivers, (like Ben Collins who did some FIA events, participated in Le Mans series) but aren't anything special. their input is pretty much useless, all it is a marketing trick that seems to have worked in your case.

Forza is not a full on sim. I personally think that Forza is better for controllers than Gran Turismo because it's not too hardcore in it's sim mechanics; Gran Turismo I just feel is too advanced to be played with a joypad.

so be careful when you throw around "but but Top Gear!"
you don't want to embarrass yourself

btw Jeremy Clarkson himself has always been a Gran Turismo fan.

Loki861970d ago

Right even though their R&D team is at the forefront for engine research, not to mention they have over 10 members that do specs for 8 different car companies. Please try to know what you are talking about, it is embarrassing when you judge off the stigs that host it.

Utalkin2me1971d ago

You can tell that by the first 30 seconds when he gets lose on a mild turn doing 60mph. But can take the same turn doing a 100 but doesn't have the same reaction.

theWB271971d ago

But it's perfectly sim to do this..on Nurburgring...

horndog1971d ago

I would say drive club can be compared with forza horizon. Not forza

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Kratos_19861971d ago

too bad with even next gen and still lacks night/day , weather change , rally ect....

ironwolf1971d ago

I see the GT trolls are here already. Contrary to uninformed opinion, Forza is a simulator. It can have its various settings switched down or off or on (as the case may be) to make it accessible to those who like arcade style, or just aren't good enough to handle the full deal.

CaptainPunch1971d ago

Although I'm switching over to the PlayStation 4 next gen, I'm still excited for Forza 5.

supraking9511971d ago

MEH, ill pick up GT6 and Driveclub. Forza 5 calls itself next gen with NO night tracks or weather change. Bravo M$

Belking1971d ago

Stop hating dude. Forza looks flat out better than both. Drive club isn't even 60FPS and it has bad hit detection so far.

Ju1971d ago

Did we just watch the same video?