505 Games apologises for last-minute Ashes Cricket 2013 delay

505 Games has apologised for Ashes Cricket 2013's last-minute delay, stating that it "should have been more transparent and honest" with fans after discovering that the game "was not going to hit its submission dates", before reiterating that it is "100% committed to delivering the best possible cricket game".

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showtimefolks1968d ago

its amazing to me that a sports Publishers like EA didn't put better effort when you consider that Fifa does so well

cricket has a huge fanbase and we haven't had a very good game since Brian Lara cricket 1999

if these games ever get released in states they would actually get very good sales, considering so many cricket loving fans live in this country

CaptainSheep1968d ago

Exactly. I'm not sure about US, but here in Pakistan (and India), these games would sell like hotcakes. Everyone loves cricket here and would even pay full price for the games.

haaziquvais1968d ago

"Sell" like hotcakes? they don't buy games, they just pirate it. that's the main reason EA's not making cricket games anymore.

Angeljuice1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )


Really? I didn't know that many Americans were even aware that the game of cricket existed. I know that there is a fairly large community of immigrants from cricket loving nations, but outside of that is there any awareness of the game at all? I'm genuinely interested to find out because I love cricket, but whenever I speak to Americans about it they seem to think its a 'quaint little English sport'. Whilst it has been played here in England since the early 1700's, It is now globally massive, with a support base that rivals any top international sport.

Unfortunately, the 5 day test matches seem to be getting pushed aside somewhat in favour of the faster-paced twenty 20 and limited over matches that I'm not so fond of.

There's nothing like watching a match play out for 5 long days only to be announced a draw. Lol.

showtimefolks1968d ago

you didn't understand what i was trying to say

IN usa how many people from cricket nations live here? Pakistan,India,Australia,Engla nd,Sri Lanka etc,

i was talking about us buying the game, also many people now a days do know about cricket, not saying they will buy the game but they are aware of cricket

its the 2nd biggest sports in the world,

slapsta721968d ago

this news really


hit me for six


Nevers0ft1968d ago

I tried to think of a better Cricket pun but

( •_•)>⌐■-■

I'm stumped

fOrlOnhOpe571968d ago

Must have been rain stopped play delayed lol