SSR Ep40: PS4 vs Xbox One launch lineup & the Xbox One policy reversal

+Xbox One policy reversal, good or bad?

+What the hell is the Xbox Live Cloud?

+PS4 vs Xbox One - Launch line-up face-off

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ZBlacktt1996d ago

I lasted 1:55 seconds and couldn't take anymore. Anyone last longer...

glenn19791996d ago

I lasted 2min that it, me neither couldn't take it

SolidAhmed1996d ago


This is the true definition of irritating

Lockhart1996d ago

Wish I could say I lasted longer. My tolerance for annoyance is actually pretty high as well.

When I saw "Xbox One policy reversal" my immediate reaction was "Oh not again..." but then I realized that they were just chatting on about old news.

Let's just look forward, both PS4 and Xbox fans. We're shifting into the next generation of console gaming and come November, a lot of us will be having a ton of fun. Let's stop dragging our feet about the past and just keep a positive attitude... all this arguing over nothing is exhausting.