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Artist, Naughty Dog Resolve Boston Map Issue For The Last of Us

Naughty Dog apologizes for using artist's Boston rail map in The Last of Us
Artist Cameron Booth and developer Naughty Dog have resolved an issue related to the developer using Booth's redesigned MBTA rail map in The Last of Us. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

allformats  +   550d ago
The guy should have settled this privately, but I'm happy Naughty Dog apologized.

I guess he'll get some money and then shut his mouth.
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xHeavYx  +   550d ago
This is lame to the next level, just Google for similar images and you'll find a lot of (as the author calls it) "similarities" with other images, just another idiot trying to get his 15 minutes of fame.
I attached a pic of the original metro map image (the image that this guy "stole" before ND "stole" his image)
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-Mika-  +   550d ago
If you read the comment section in the article. Here an quote from the comment section.

." Maybe you should actually look at it. It is substantially different. It's better, for one thing; it's more logical (see the loop around the airport); and it includes names for all the stops. Not to mention the small design and aesthetic notes that improve it as well. And why shouldn't they be publicly called out on it? If he had done the reciprocal thing - misappropriated THEIR intellectual property - he'd already be receiving a cease and desist or worse.
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jeeves86  +   550d ago
He didn't "steal" anything.
HBK619  +   549d ago
Used to be a time where people didn't care so much about gaining money from their work. They were just happy to see their work being recognised enough for someone else to use it in their form of work.

Hell, if I had my work used by Naughty Dog I would take it as one of the highest forms of flattery there is. I wouldn't go on some rant about how I am not getting royalties from it. I'd be stoked that these guys chose my work, out of all the possible works they could've used or outsourced to their own artists and that this is going to be seen by millions of people.

Greed truly is a terrible, terrible thing.
3-4-5  +   549d ago
If he didn't do it publicly, they may have dismissed him arrogantly. They were negatively in the spot light and we all know what happens then....

The truth comes out and wrongs get righted.
Prcko  +   550d ago
Do they really need to pay to use this map or what?
-Mika-  +   550d ago
Yes, it the law. Period. You guys need to stop being fanboys. If this was EA or capcom. Your comments would be alot different.
Cupid_Viper_3   550d ago | Personal attack | show
plaZeHD  +   550d ago
Good to know. I am sorry for the mindless dislikes you got.
adorie  +   550d ago
You're trying to compare crime bosses to a petty thug, Mika. Lol.
Gratisfaction  +   550d ago

You're like the guy that was never invited to the party...
poopsack  +   550d ago
So Prcko's a fanboy for having this one doubt?
Prcko  +   550d ago
CrossingEden  +   550d ago
artists angry when their work is used without their permission ARE NOT THUGS, i'm an artist, i've drawn and animated many things, you people are so hellbent on defending anything and everything sony related to the point that you defend pure and simple theft
Ezz2013  +   550d ago
ND you stole my face with joel
i have a hair ,nose ,two eyes ,mouse and two ears
when i played TLOU
i found that joel have all of those

i demand a free copy of any ND game you make, you bastards :P
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Cam977  +   550d ago
In that case, a clicker made a noise I made when I tripped over my cat, I demand compensation.
jimbobwahey  +   550d ago
I think you have more important things to worry about if you really do have a mouse attached to your face. That just ain't right, man.
Ezz2013  +   550d ago
hehehe i meant *mouth*

i was typing too fast
plaZeHD  +   550d ago
A mouse? You need an immediate medical help.
from the beach  +   550d ago
Naughty naughty!
smashcrashbash  +   550d ago
See they apologized.Not to say that you deserved it after acting like a dick over it but they apologized.Just another example of this generation putting their foot in their mouth first before thinking.
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Skate-AK  +   550d ago
Someone's getting paid.
Dr Pepper  +   550d ago
It's pretty sad to see how many people in here, and in the previous thread, are ridiculing someone for simply standing up for his work/rights as a designer. It really is disheartening.
theWB27  +   550d ago
Because it's a Sony related game. I don't think these people know what intellectual property means and probably wouldn't care until they were tangled in the same mess.
Hydralysk  +   550d ago
Around here knowledge of the law doesn't really matter.

It's more an issue of "If I like the game that resulted from the practice then I don't care if it's legal or not".

Not commenting on this particular example, but that's the reason most people are defending or condemning these kinds of things, not because they actually have a grasp on the legalities.
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fardan85  +   550d ago
It's not because he stood up for his work and demanding his right, it's because of the way he approached the issue. He could have spoke with ND right away without making a mess and start bit*hing about it.
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Dr Pepper  +   550d ago
Have you read the comments in these two threads? Many have nothing to do with how he handled the situation, and involve mocking him and his work. Clearly there are very few people in these threads that understand how serious this topic can be and is.

Should he maybe have kept a little more calm? Yes. Do I understand why he freaked out and didn't remain calm? Yes. Do I understand why a lot of people are bashing a designer because a dev team allegedly used his work without permission? No. So far, it seems like people wanted him to shut up about it because it is slightly lessening the image of their favorite dev team, which is not how the world should work at all.
fardan85  +   550d ago
His anger is understandable, I hope he get what he deserve from ND, but seriously, what he did is absurd, he should have contacted ND and resolve the matter with them, instead he started crying like a little baby. The way he acted is the reason why people mock him, and he made it seem like ND stole from him something big like (story, whole chapter, game itself), valuable thing which worth millions, in reality it's only an insignificant map which was used without his permission.

I'm not going to defend ND for their mistake since I don't know how this happened, but since
ND reacted to the issue ASAP which is admirable, It makes me believe that what they did wasn't intentional.

Using a content without the permission of the owner is a big deal, no one will disagree with this. People know how serious is the matter.

No one should a make a fool of himself and expect the people to not laugh at him.

I hope you understand now why people mock him.
slinky123456  +   550d ago
So all the games that show accuracy in a city should pay people?

Let's also make Game devs, Movie Makers, and Tattoo artists that show the Statue of Liberty in their work pay the French for using it -_-
CrossingEden  +   550d ago
no, ND used this person's map, he created it, spent hours on it, thought of it, and fine tuned it, and WITHOUT.HIS.CONSENT, naughty dog took it and put it in their game, which would lead people to believe that someone who works for ND created it, this is called plagiarism and is also theft, it is illegal to put someone else's work and use it without their consent, evidently you and 99.9% of this site aren't artists at all who go to art university or college, and if you actually do think that people don't have to pay money to include the statue of liberty in their movies or games, then you really need help
slinky123456  +   550d ago
You're kidding right? True Crime, Spider-man 2, and many, many other games do not pay New York City, vegas, L.A. to put their city in their game. Do YOU go to college, or have even been to school past grade school ? You can't even punctuate correctly. All people working on titles with a city more than likely use google maps, and hardly ever thank them. Hell, this guy more than likely used google maps too, he's just so caught up in wanting money he's ignoring being ethical.

A professional photographer and REAL artists technically just copy what they see. They also hardly ever give credit to the people that made what they are copying. TECHNICALLY, this guy just copied the city. HE SHOULD COMPENSATE THE ARCHITECTS NOW!!! -_-
jeeves86  +   550d ago
@ slinky - that's...incorrect.

Read the article and the tumblr page, not just the title and not just the comments. You will find all the 'correct' information.

Additionally, you're wrong about photographers too.
TronEOL  +   550d ago
If I ever made something and it found it's way into a game without my consent, I doubt I'd care. Depending on what it is of course. Since there are those folks over in Asia who literally rip content from games and "make" their own games from the assets.

A single texture wouldn't bother me. I'd just ask to have my work mentioned in the credits or something. They get my work for free, I get free advertising in one of the biggest games of the year.

:Edit: Also, I'm not saying Naughty Dog (or anyone) should be allowed to take someone else's work, but I truly believe it was just them cutting corners to lower costs without malicious intent.
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Krew_92  +   550d ago
This happens all the time, and you can see which are the people that do art for the sake of art, and people who do art for the sake of money and money only.

If I spent hours on something though I would at least want to be told they're using it, I would be honored since I'm a gamer, but the person they got this map from probably doesn't even care about games (speaking blindly here, have no idea if he likes games or not) but that would influence their actions.
jeeves86  +   550d ago
It would be different if he were at least credited for the map, but he wasn't.
andron666  +   549d ago
And so it was resolved and everyone lived happily ever after, apart from the sardonic internet crowd which got something else to bitch about...

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