Artist, Naughty Dog Resolve Boston Map Issue For The Last of Us

Naughty Dog apologizes for using artist's Boston rail map in The Last of Us
Artist Cameron Booth and developer Naughty Dog have resolved an issue related to the developer using Booth's redesigned MBTA rail map in The Last of Us.

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allformats1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

The guy should have settled this privately, but I'm happy Naughty Dog apologized.

I guess he'll get some money and then shut his mouth.

xHeavYx1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

This is lame to the next level, just Google for similar images and you'll find a lot of (as the author calls it) "similarities" with other images, just another idiot trying to get his 15 minutes of fame.
I attached a pic of the original metro map image (the image that this guy "stole" before ND "stole" his image)

-Mika-1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

If you read the comment section in the article. Here an quote from the comment section.

." Maybe you should actually look at it. It is substantially different. It's better, for one thing; it's more logical (see the loop around the airport); and it includes names for all the stops. Not to mention the small design and aesthetic notes that improve it as well. And why shouldn't they be publicly called out on it? If he had done the reciprocal thing - misappropriated THEIR intellectual property - he'd already be receiving a cease and desist or worse.

jeeves861972d ago

He didn't "steal" anything.

HBK6191972d ago

Used to be a time where people didn't care so much about gaining money from their work. They were just happy to see their work being recognised enough for someone else to use it in their form of work.

Hell, if I had my work used by Naughty Dog I would take it as one of the highest forms of flattery there is. I wouldn't go on some rant about how I am not getting royalties from it. I'd be stoked that these guys chose my work, out of all the possible works they could've used or outsourced to their own artists and that this is going to be seen by millions of people.

Greed truly is a terrible, terrible thing.

3-4-51972d ago

If he didn't do it publicly, they may have dismissed him arrogantly. They were negatively in the spot light and we all know what happens then....

The truth comes out and wrongs get righted.

Prcko1973d ago

Do they really need to pay to use this map or what?

-Mika-1973d ago

Yes, it the law. Period. You guys need to stop being fanboys. If this was EA or capcom. Your comments would be alot different.

plaZeHD1973d ago

Good to know. I am sorry for the mindless dislikes you got.

adorie1973d ago

You're trying to compare crime bosses to a petty thug, Mika. Lol.

Gratisfaction1972d ago


You're like the guy that was never invited to the party...

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poopsack1973d ago

So Prcko's a fanboy for having this one doubt?

CrossingEden1973d ago

artists angry when their work is used without their permission ARE NOT THUGS, i'm an artist, i've drawn and animated many things, you people are so hellbent on defending anything and everything sony related to the point that you defend pure and simple theft

Ezz20131973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

ND you stole my face with joel
i have a hair ,nose ,two eyes ,mouse and two ears
when i played TLOU
i found that joel have all of those

i demand a free copy of any ND game you make, you bastards :P

Cam9771973d ago

In that case, a clicker made a noise I made when I tripped over my cat, I demand compensation.

jimbobwahey1973d ago

I think you have more important things to worry about if you really do have a mouse attached to your face. That just ain't right, man.

Ezz20131973d ago

hehehe i meant *mouth*

i was typing too fast

plaZeHD1973d ago

A mouse? You need an immediate medical help.

smashcrashbash1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

See they apologized.Not to say that you deserved it after acting like a dick over it but they apologized.Just another example of this generation putting their foot in their mouth first before thinking.

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