The Daily Five: Best Nonviolent Stress Relief Games

"There’s something to be said for games that don’t put a lot of pressure on their users, and I happen to think that they make excellent relaxing agents. Take a load off and let your troubles melt away with these soothing experiences." - Joe Garcia

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unchartedxplorer1938d ago

Call of Duty- said nobody ever

fsfsxii1938d ago

GT5 + A cup of coffe in the morning + G27 + Nurbrgring = a dream comes to life

WarThunder1938d ago

Tell me about it! GranTurismo is very relaxing game!

Me-Time1938d ago

One word: SteeringWheel


ps3rulz1938d ago

Flower on ps3 needs to be on the list.
If you are ever angry or stressed, trust me play flower.

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