Planetside2 Launches in China and it's huge

President of Sony Online Entertainment announces that PlanetSide 2's launch in China has shown much bigger numbers than PlanetSide 2's numbers at release in North America.

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Majin-vegeta1972d ago

Cant wait to play this on my new sexy,elegant,curvy...oh sorry i dozed off i meant my PS4.

CSLJames1972d ago

Hopefully the PS4 launch will really boost up the PlanetSide 2 numbers in NA/EU! Would love to see more people playing this game.

GiggMan1972d ago

I've been playing it for a few weeks. It's pretty good but the size of the maps take a while to get use too. I have to admit sometimes I'm running around with no idea what to do and when I do find some action it doesn't end well for me lol.

porter4701972d ago

As far as I know there wont be cross play with pc players

Anyway, this is good news to here, I think?

CalamityCB1972d ago

The more the merrier. The more TR and VANU I get to slaughter, who wouldn't be happy?

webeblazing1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

@ 3-4-5 and ATi_Elite
you should know saying anything positive or anything about pc games on this so called gaming site will get you disagrees. i definitely gotta check out firefall looks hott

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Hufandpuf1972d ago

ps4, curvy? more like slanty and pointy.

3-4-51972d ago

Was playing it on PC for a while. It's really good for a Free to play game and it's a different take on FPS games.

Battles can be huge, but at the end of the day, it's not a game I can play every day because there is nothing to strive or work towards..

ATi_Elite1972d ago

I kinda stopped playing Planetside 2 since PS4 version was announced plus FIREFALL has really gotten better in so many ways as it strives to be an eSport and great FPSMMO.

I just don't care for games being dumbed down for consoles as Planetsides 2 new updates have really made the game move towards the casual gamer direction.

3-4-51971d ago

I started playing Battlefield 3 for the first time and I'm enjoying it more than PS2, but PS2 did stuff in the game I've never experience before.

It's beyond huge and ALWAYS alive and running. There are always battles somewhere and them adding alerts actually makes you care about a certain continent and makes battles even bigger.

It just doesn't have that quick addictiveness other FPS games have as there really is nothing to gain or lose.

They add stuff all the time though so I'm sure they have stuff planned.

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towelie12881972d ago

love this game
addicting as hell but i will stick to PC for playing this game

Angeljuice1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Sorry to be pedantic, but its " *addictive* as hell". Addicting is barely a word (it only appears in less than 50% of dictionaries) and can only be properly used in certain circumstances i.e. 'Sara is addicting john to chess', the game of chess itself is 'addictive'.