DriveClub On PS4 Isn't Gran Turismo, It's More Like Project Gotham Racing

"Before I played DriveClub, a representative from Evolution Studios made it clear that they they're not trying to make another Gran Turismo." Spencer, Siliconera

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GDDR6_20141971d ago

Not very much into racing games , but to the people that do what are the differences in these games? Need for speed,driver,gt,forza,pgr, all feel very similar to me.

And before someone says all shooters are similar too, I see a Lot more differences between shooters than between driving games

iGAM3R-VIII1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

How are NFS, GT, Forza, Driver and PGR the same? If you played ANY of these or even watched videos, you can see the difference. Driver is arcady and the handling is lossened up and drifty, the same with NFS excpet for the shift series. PGR and driveclub are the same because they are a mix of arcade and customization and real racing. GT and Forza are the same because they are pure legit racers

Utalkin2me1971d ago

Just stop with your nonsense of Forza and Gt being the same, it's really getting old.

iamgoatman1971d ago


Claiming they are in the same sub-genre is getting old? I think misinformed trolling like your comment is getting old.

Utalkin2me1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )


Putting them in the same class is getting old. One is a arcade racer the other is simulator. Sure you can classify them as racing games, but that is the extent.

GameCents1971d ago

Exactly, any game that can't simulate the inside of a vehicle cannot be classified as a simulator. Good catch Utalking2me

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slapedurmomsace1971d ago

Some racers are more arcade and some are sims, you can mod cars in most of both styles. That is more

AngelicIceDiamond1971d ago

I don't see the problem with one game being similar to another.

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seepamann1971d ago

Forza is similar to grain truism
Pgr similar to drive club

Utalkin2me1971d ago

I normally don't get upset. But when people are saying Forza and GT is the same, i have to step in. Obvioulsy people have not played both games and played them with a racing wheel. Or they would not be making this stupid comment.

Elit3Nick1971d ago

He didn't say they were the same, he said they were similar, GT may have better physics than Forza, but it's not by a significant margin

Utalkin2me1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Its actually by a pretty big margin. Some of the reasons? 37 races before i lost in forza 4, 9 in GT5. When friends come over and see my racing setup, well i put them on GT5 and they do not finish a full race due to frustration, most of the time. Put them on forza 4 and they say "this is more like it", they enjoy forza 4 alot more due to the casual play of it.

theWB271971d ago

It's actually not a big margin. Maybe the reason it only took 9 races in GT is because the AI is so over the place they most likely put a car that was out of your league into the race. GT does that. Most of the races I lost in GT weren't because the racing is's because of that simple reason..AI cars are all over the place. You can look at the pre-lineup and know if you'll win or not.

Turn the assists off in Forza and you get a compelling race. But you're a GT lover obviously. Ill admit, when GT is on it's game it can be exciting. But you get those kind of races too far and in between. To say your friends don't even finish a race...hhmm.

Forza and GT are close. But how can we know since we aren't professional racers and only go by what we think is right.

Utalkin2me1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Actually if you play Gt5 you would have known that it wasn't against actually AI. I was by myself but trying to perform a perfect stop in a certain time.

Thats one of the problems and you can see right through someone, that has never played GT5 is they think everything is a race. Which is quite opposite.

iamgoatman1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )


Are you serious? You come to a conclusion on how similar two racing games are in terms of simulation on how long it takes you to lose? Come on.

Claiming GT is somehow in an entirely different league to Forza in terms of simulation or that GT is any sort of benchmark in terms of sim racing is simply laughable. They're BOTH not what you would call 'hardcore' sims, and in comparison to sims like iRacing etc. they're very similar, with each game being better at simulating certain things over the other.

"Thats one of the problems and you can see right through someone, that has never played GT5 is they think everything is a race. Which is quite opposite."

Just lol.

theWB271971d ago

How would me playing GT make me know if you're playing against AI or not? And you can see I've never played GT because everything isn't a race. It's a racing why assume otherwise unless you state it.

Even the most arcade of arcade racers have time attack and lap modes.

I'm sorry I thought you were a little credible...but it's obvious you aren't. I have GT and Forza. It's something I can actually prove.

Salooh1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

This is my opinion of Forza .

It's a great game and i really enjoy it but i don't see it as a sim. Yes , it's more serious then driveclub but that's not the case when you compare it to GT. It's not about which one is more difficult. It's about the gameplay. In GT you really have to understand each car and every turn in the lap. And it's really another level when you play it on manual steering wheel. GT really teach you about real driving racing . If you participate in GT academy you will understand what i mean.

grailly1971d ago

"37 races before i lost in forza 4, 9 in GT5"
"it wasn't a race, assh*le"

NioRide1971d ago

Considering both games are arcade games in the light of ones like rFactor 2 and iRacing, I don't see what you kids are arguing over.

Both physics in both games are nothing like real sims, They don't allow for a lot of calculations. Not to mention no real tire physics, or body roll, the ability to carry momentum really isn't in either game to top it off.

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wishingW3L1971d ago

many of the people working on Driveclub were devs from Project Gotham that Evo Studio hired.

SEAN16171971d ago

Here is some really good game play of Drive Club At e3 sorry its off screen, but you can see the draw distance is massive, there are day / night time transition, an dynamic shadows from the background onto the track. Game Runs currently at full native 1080P at 30 with the dev team stating that they are aiming to make it 60FPS before launch. ==>

Animal Mutha 761971d ago

Yeah that actually looks pretty good graphically - better than I was expecting. The physics looks very basic like an arcade racer. There was no body roll at all. Impressive game for a free to play alpha/beta.

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