July 2013 PlayStation 3 & PS Vita New Releases in North America and Europe

You might think that, like most years, the month of July is completely barren when it comes to new releases. Well, you’d pretty much be right when it comes to July 2013, but there are at least a few things worth looking forward to.

Here’s everything scheduled to release in July 2013 right now, but for up an up to the minute list, head over to our July 2013 new release page, which we update constantly:

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Wedge191577d ago

Not looking too hot in July...

dbjj120881577d ago

I wish GTA V were here already....

mafiahajeri1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Just 83 more days... Damn it sounds like a long time when I count the days! Ok 2 months and a half that sounds better!

knifefight1577d ago

Yeah I'm clearing things out till August when Tales of Xillia drops.

Transporter471577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

MGS Legacy Collection i want : ), also would like to try GT6

Xof1577d ago

From what I've heard, Dynasty Warriors 8 is slightly better than Dynasty Warriors 7, so it's got my attention. And then we're getting Tales of Xillia that first week of August, so it's not -too- bad.

Of course, I'll also be having fun with Shin Megami Tensei IV.

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