UGO: Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword Review

UGO writes: "It's hard to imagine the DS fitting well for a genre, considering the hundreds of titles that have been released on it over the last few years. But, when you think about it, just how many of those are straight-up action games? More often than not DS games focus more on exploration, strategy and character building, rather than just straight-up butt kicking. Could it be that the DS just can't handle the fast frame rates and rock solid controls that an action game requires? Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword is out to prove that action games can find a very comfortable home on the platform, and hopefully will encourage more developers to pick up the pace, as well.

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword is the very first game in the series to come to a Nintendo handheld, but rather than harkening back to the NES original, it follows a lot closer to the newer Ninja Gaiden releases on the Xbox, and PS3 (and soon to be 360 with Ninja Gaiden 2. It takes place six months after the events of the Xbox game, with Ryu the ninja steal dealing with the after-effects of the so-called "Dark Blade Incident." Basically he's just trying to put his life back together, but within moments of the game's opening, his white jump suited gal-pal gets swiped by an evil demon and it's up to him to come to the rescue."

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