Hotline Miami Brings Blood, Bats, and Horse Heads to Playstation 3 and Vita Today

Hotline Miami, the award winning, ultraviolent, top down indie action game from Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital is now available on Playstation 3 and Sony Vita. This blood-soaked tour de force through a neon saturated 8-bit rendition of Miami retails for $9.99, and is available as a Cross-Buy purchase, allowing you to get your fix of horse head wearing blood lust at home on the PS3 or take the retro carnage on the go with the Playstation Vita in one convenient package.

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SolidDuck1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

U had me at horse heads. Downloading now.

dead_pixels1970d ago

I'm always happy to be of assistance to a fellow horse head connoisseur.

maniacmayhem1970d ago

I encourage every PS3 owner to get this game. It is FANTASTIC!

ChipChipperson1970d ago

I watched the hamsteralliance play this on youtube. Really looked fun.

grayfoxx8811970d ago

I love this game so much that I'm going to marry it. Together we will have several misguided and extremely violent children.

sdozzo1970d ago

Imagine a 3d style hotline Miami.

jon12341970d ago

i think if this game went 3d, it would suck so bad

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