LFG: The Fork of Truth - Videogame From Looking For Group Web Comic Creators

Ryan Sohmer and Lar DeSouza are the creators of the hilarious and violent, fantasy themed web comic series LFG (Looking for Group). Sohmer describes it best in one awesome sentence: “LFG is this ridiculously silly and violent universe that takes all the greatest and worst tropes from sci-fi, fantasy, films, books, video games, comic books, then puts them back together in an epic story that somehow manages to parody them all.”

Now Sohmer and DeSouza are teaming up with indie game developer Paladin Studios to bring LFG to life in a 4-player co-op action/RPG meets hack’n slash called LFG: The Fork of Truth. Paladin is a Netherlands based indie studio, the creators of Momonga.

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