GameStop President Tony Bartel: 'Don't Count The Wii U Out'

Much of the focus heading into E3 2013 and coming out of the show has been the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft. With PlayStation 4 and Xbox One slated to ship this fall just before the important Christmas shopping season, there’s another “next gen” console in the race.

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AJBACK2FRAG1938d ago

The Wii U is very cool and will win this generation. The weakest console always wins!

MasterCornholio1938d ago

I think that price has more to do with anything than the power of the system.

Just look at PS3 vs 360 vs the Wii and you can see that the Wii won due to its low price point.

The problem with the Wii U is that its only 50€ cheaper than the PS4 which is the most powerful next gen console.

Brasi19891938d ago

I'm not sure how accurate that statement is. However the most powerful console, spec wise, has never won a generation. (and of course by won I mean have the most market share IE sales)

Trago13371938d ago

That's true. More specifically the cheapest console always wins.

The Nes, SNES, Game Boy, PS1, PS2, DS, 3DS, Wii, etc all had the most market share. and what do they all have in common? they were the weakest ones.

dark-hollow1938d ago


And having the weakest hardware = cheap price and easier to cut prices in the future.

The Wii u may have a £50-£100 cut price in the near future along with the huge 2014 library of exclusives, the sales will explode just like it did with the 3ds.

Klad1938d ago

The Wii U Premium currently at £239 is £110 cheaper than the PS4 at £349 on Amazon UK & £190 cheaper than XBox One at £429.




Triforce0791938d ago

The wiiu is the weakest console in numbers maybe,but in pure graphics/results all 3 are quite close,i mean at E3 i didn't see a clear winner,if anything Nintendo's 1st party games and Beyonetta2 looked spectacular and all their games were 1080p/60fps which is amazing and what you would expect ps4 to be doing on all its games but it wasn't makes me wonder if wiiu's gpu edram gives it the edge ???

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3-4-51937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

@gamer They've been saying that since the late 80's. Obviously genius's like you are ALWAYS right...

s8anicslayer1938d ago

Gamestop has been very vocal as of late, of course he's going to say that they are not brand exclusive they will sell you their entire inventory 20X over if you'd like to.

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No_Limit1938d ago

It is a misprint. The title should be "Wii, U're Out!"

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