UGO: Insecticide Review

UGO writes: "Roughly half of Crackpot Entertainment's Insecticide for the Nintendo DS harkens back to the great point-and-click adventure games of old. Grim Fandango in particular springs to mind for its real-world story in an atypical setting. The other half of Insecticide involves a great deal of 3D action-platforming, not one of the Nintendo handheld's strong points. The result is a bi-polar effort which will have gamers roaring with laughter as they dig deeper into the story, but not before cursing the gaming gods for saddling them with yet another action sequence to plug through.

Insecticide's greatest strength is its story and the writing behind it. Set in a futuristic world where bugs have inherited the Earth from those dirty Hominids (aka Us), the game follows two cops as they unravel a murder mystery which grows in scope with every tugged strand. The whole mess starts when Detectives Roachy Caruthers - the gruff, hard-boiled narrator - and Chrys Liszt - the protagonist - are called to investigate an apparent accidental death at the Nectora Soft Drink Company. The plot, of course, thickens when Liszt comes to realize that the death was no accident."

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