Muramasa Rebirth Review (Gamerhub)

Muramasa Rebirth is a must-own for the Vita.

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jagiii1972d ago

Vita has some kick-ass games out and coming soon from the E3 line-up.

Patashnik1972d ago

Loved the wii game so will be on this from day one. A real overlooked gem. A little repetitive maybe but so so beautiful.

clearelite1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I've been keeping an eye on this gem and plan to pick it up when I have a chance. I purchased Odin's Sphere and if it is by the same dev (Vanillaware) like I'm assuming, well their style is AMAZING. This will look great on the Vita's oLED screen along with Dragon's Crown!!!!

creHEARTive1972d ago

good to see the vita getting some good games.

bu7asan1972d ago

I'm thinking of buying it just need someone tell tell me more about how it plays plz


Knushwood Butt1972d ago

Yeah, all the reviews, and in fact most people that love it, just talk about the visuals and music. Yes, they are nice.

For me though, the gameplay is lacking. Run from left to right, or right to left, for what seems like forever, then if you are lucky stumble across a boss. On top of that, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of skill required during combat.

Maybe I just haven't played it enough, but I lost interest after the second (?) boss. Still have it in my Vita, but haven't played it for months.

Just my opinion..

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