Gamertell Exclusive: Interview with Stripes Gamer's Managing Editor, Tony Haugan

Gamertell interviews the managing editor of Stripes Gamer, the videogame section of Stars and Stripes, an editorial independent daily newspaper authorized by the department of defense to serve the worldwide US military community.

In the interview, Tony Haugan discusses the publication's relationship with Nintendo and the ESRB and the section's first launch in the US. From the article:

"According to the managing editor of Stripes Gamer, Tony Haugan, those serving in the military are also part of a "video game generation that has grown up and they're taking their games with them when they deploy," he explained. "A lot of times they live in extreme boredom or extreme terror. Gaming fills the void. Gaming is a way to connect. [Military servicemen and women] tend to be a little transient, so it's a nice way for them to play with a buddy or family member from their location. They're not really ignoring [the military gamer]. It's more of a general unawareness. [Soldiers] are a unique group of gamers. They are bound by their service to the community.""

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