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"The most common complaint leveled against mobile gaming is the seeming lack of “console-quality experiences” – which, despite being a bit of a moot point (it’s a tablet, not a console, correct?), is grounded in some real complaints. There are too many money-hungry free-to-play games, and way too many physics puzzlers and endless runners in the App Store – so when Firaxis and 2K announced a fully-featured handheld port of the award-winning XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it presented an opportunity for the platform to show off its skills beyond forgettable $1 titles."

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Patashnik1995d ago

Everyone should play this, a great homage to the original and streamlined in all the right places - essential if you've not played the console versions

unchartedxplorer1995d ago

Just got it off PS plus! Installing right now.