Maria Sharapova Serves Up Top Spin 3 - Talks about the French Open and video games.

Gamedaily writes: "2K Sports' latest tennis game, Top Spin 3 features scores of famous pros, including Roger Federer, James Blake and one of the world's most recognizable female athletes, Maria Sharapova. Hot off her 2008 Australian Open women's singles victory over Ana Ivanovic, Maria showed up at the Top Spin 3 event to discuss games, her career and the athletes she admires.

Q: You mentioned on your site that you want to do doubles with Orlando Bloom. What about him do you like?

A: I've liked him a lot in a few movies and I actually got to meet him at a Vanity Fair party a year and a half ago. That was really fun. Years ago, I thought he was really attractive, of course, that's probably the main reason why. And then I met him and he was really sweet and polite and English."

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rushbd3707d ago

the 'games are for kids' excuse is long gone. i couldn't be happier