PlayAsia TV Plays Bayonetta 2 E3 Demo And Meets Bayonetta Herself

Check out this E3 demo of Bayonetta 2. The guys over at PlayAsia TV goes hands on with the sequel to the greatest action game of all time.

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Neonridr1631d ago

Wow this game looks great. Here's hoping Wii U owners reward Platinum by purchasing this game.

I will be for sure.

jc485731631d ago

screw it. I am buying a WiiU. 100+ hours on Bayonetta 1 for both PS3 and 360, so that shows how much I loved the game(s).

Typical-Guy1631d ago

Already bought a WiiU for this awesome game, now it's just a matter of waiting

Kevlar0091631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

"This is the reason why I will be joining you guys with the Nintendo 'Wii'"


Bayonetta sold about 1.5 million across two consoles, let's see of the WiiU can beat that

Theyellowflash301631d ago

The Wii U doesn't have to beat that, it has to make more money from the units it does sell. Bayonetta was in the bargin bin a couple weeks after it was released.

Platinum Games didn't make as much money off the game as they would have liked.

Bayonetta 2 can sell 700K at $60 and make more money than the PS3 and Xbox 360 version selling 1.5 million with a fraction of those sales being at a full $60, while a large majority of the sales were under $40 price tag.

bayonetta1631d ago

Damn im still playing the original Bayonetta till this day and i cant wait for this one =D

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